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fffffffffffuck I missed out! Looks like great work and I'm so happy it all came together for you!
wowwww malcolm!
That's cute cola, I think the proportions would be a little better in a longsleeve tho!
I disagree! I think the whole look is great and you can clearly see how Isolation is growing. Keep it up!
If you can't identify fabrics at home by burning or with a microscope I'd be pretty hesitant to buy direct sales from factories. This isn't a latent racism thing, it's widely accepted in the industry that you need to be doing your own fabric identification tests even when you're visiting factories to determine fibre compositions.
I'll second the above. I have a used industrial at home and to be honest it's a pain in the ass sometimes(it's really old). I'd look into a Juki if you're going that route, try to find one with an electronic pedal and not mechanical, much better control. Have you sewed before? Don't buy a machine without trying a couple out first.
Loose pants are the near future but that double rivet at the crotch and extra panel are weird and not in a particularly good way.
Like technical stuff, or trying to find "aesthetically pleasing" guidelines? The rest is pretty personal and you sort of have to feel it out imo. I only take one shot per scene but that's also because I'm a student and can't afford to blow through rolls of film.Have a look at Cambridge in Colour if you haven't already, that's where I started reading. Take my opinion with a pinch of salt though because I read fuck all and just wing it most of the time.
Love the colours, but not really feeling the really chunky cuff. I think if you rolled once or twice more it'd really help with the visual weight of the cuff looking off against the slimmer silhouette of the chucks.Layering is really nice.
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