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If you ordered the Russet Fox Brothers newsboy in a size 60 and it doesn't work out for you, hit me up. My big bald head needs to stay warm this winter.
I have the Stanton end on end in both blue and light blue and have no complaints. Great way to add some visual texture to a blue business shirt.
  Speaking of weddings and proposing, celebrated my one year anniversary this past weekend. Wearing my favorite Epaulet FF Southwick Jacket.
Congrats Nik! I remember when I proposed to my wife - was also wearing all EP gear because I didn't want to take any chances.
Some photos I took from the Drake's Flagship store in Mayfair.           I had a great time talking to the staff and the gave me a great pie recommendation.
That's my friend who just moved here from Paris! I met him at a networking event in London and he was worried that there wasn't going to be much of a menswear scene in San Francisco with all the tech. Thanks to all who chatted with him for a bit!
      Some more snaps from the last meetup.
Smitten's definitely my favorite in SF - gotta love that liquid nitrogen!
I'm in.   Some fun snaps from the opening party that I've been posting on my Instagram            
I did triple pleat as well. My wrists are smaller than most and I found with a double pleat, there was a huge taper between my upper sleeve and forearm, which made it really restrictive on the elbow. Triple pleat fixed that and doesn't look much bigger than the double.
New Posts  All Forums: