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Hey Mike,   Is there anyway we can get the Umber moleskin in a Walt Cut? It's the exact fabric I'm looking for!
Haha, I know but I felt weird being in the bathroom and taking this photo.
I could use some feedback on the S&C cardigan. I'm about 5'9 with a 38 chest and got a size small. Overall, I think it looks a tad big, but it's definitely wearable (and comfy as hell). But now that there's a MTO option to get XS, I'm wondering if I should go that route.   Here's some crappy restroom shots with the cardigan open and closed:     Gut feeling is telling me XS is the way to go, but I can be swayed either way.
This will be a SF meetup that will never be forgotten. Free ties courtesy of Khaki's? That's all I'm going to say for now. Big thanks to Jim, Kiyoshi, the Ring Jacket folks, and the rest of the Khaki's folks for putting on a fantastic event.
Caltrain is delayed an hour. Hope I can still make it...
Black Chelsea Boot with Danite sole on Forest! Come on peeps! I'd throw down so hard.
Question: Since I don't work in city anymore, I don't have a chance to set up an appointment and my only time to see the RJ stuff will be during the meetup. What exactly will be available for SF members attending? Will we get to try stuff on and order things if interested?   Second, will you have anything in Ring Jacket's 184 Fit?
Pretty pumped for this! I've always been interested in the RJ, so it's going to be awesome to finally try it on.
Not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but I was browsing the Carmina E-Store today and noticed that you now have the option to had a toe tap to your order.
I shall be there!
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