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I shall be there!
Did anyone pick up that awesome shawl tuxedo that was in all the Pitti photos? I saw there was one at Bloomingdales, but it's not exactly the same.
Everything at Bloomingdales is in the Tipo cut, except for the outerwear which I believe some pieces are in the Lorenzo.
His dad passed away.
Just saw that in the newsletter! Good luck on your new ventures @leftofthedial ! 
[[SPOILER]] Update: One TOJ Spot available. Placed in April 2014 for an Oxblood Calf MDR. PM if you're interested.
Shit, those all came out amazing.
What's his size? I might have to sell the coats that I ordered this round.
Random question: how does one know if he or she has to pay duties on an order? 
Really good to see @NewYorkIslander and @wj4 posting again here. Welcome back gents!
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