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Mmm, dat grey speckle
Sorry, they aren't. They're just pictured to show case what color the chukkas are.
I'm selling three pairs of shoes:   1. Carmina x Epaulet New York Salinger Double Monks size 9 US $350 Brand new Carmina tan calf double monks on Inca last. Leather sole. Size 8UK/9US   2. Carmina x Epaulet New York Fitzgerald Short Wing size 8.5 US $350 Brand new Carmina brown calf short wings on Forest last. Leather sole. Size 7.5UK/8.5US   3. Carmina x Gentleman Footwear Suede Chukka size 8.5 US $480 Brand new Carmina dark brown suede chukka boot on Soller...
Hey gang,   Due to some circumstances, I have to part with some recently acquired Epaulet stuff. If you're interested in a pair of brownCarmina Fitzgerald in 8.5 or tan Carmina Salinger in 9.0, send me a PM. Going to put these on the marketplace soon.
Gang, I have a pair of GF dark brown chukkas in the Soller last, size 7.5 UK, up for grabs. Figured I would post here first before putting it in the marketplace. Send me a PM and we can figure it out.
Here are some of my items ending tomorrow Epaulet New York Slim Walts Sandy Orange UK Tweed Size 32 Jan-11 18:30 $51.11 2 bids Free shipping   Gant By Michael Bastian Red Quilted Tracking Coat Small S Jan-11 18:11 $150.00 0 bids Free shipping   Eidos Napoli Brown Cream Shepherd's Check Sports Coat Blazer 38R 48R Jan-11 18:00 $350.00 0...
No spoiler because those fits are amazing. The olive goldenrod looks spectacular and the oatmeal donegal is just something else. Wow.
@macjedi wins the internet for today. Awesome fit.
Make sure you buy them both at the same time though. If you buy one first and one later (like a few months), they won't be cut from the identical version of the cloth so there could be some slight variances. 
More continued praise for the hopsack Walt. These guys are solid three season pants and are fantastic in the summer to allow your legs to breathe. If you're looking for basics, would highly recommend the dove grey and then darker grey as basics and then branching out from there.
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