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I use Saphir bordeaux wax for my shell jumper boots. It's available at the Hanger Project.
I'm trying to decide between the Roma spread collar and Presidential. My jacket lapels range from 3"-3.4". Would the Roma be too substantial on the jackets with the slimmer lapels?
  Epaulet jacket last night during dinner.
The more I catch up with this thread, the more I'm saddened that I didn't pick up the 8 Track Umber. So dope.
Incredibly honored to have a swatch named after me! Michigan Planner and whoever else got it, you will both love it. I've been on my honeymoon in Thailand for the past three weeks, but had to stop by to see what killer fabrics Mike and team got this time. Won't get a chance to participate this time (have to pay for said honeymoon, of course), but here are my favorites: Orange Julius Windowpane Tweed: If I didn't have a brown jacket already, this would be an instant...
You should just go to Gentlemen's Footwear, which is located in downtown San Diego and owner @steveyoo1983 can help you out. He carries a good selection of Carmina, in a variety of lasts that you can get your sizing on and then purchase.
I got featured in my friend Megan's blog today. I didn't really know what to wear for the shoot, so I just pulled out my trusty sand and french blue Epaulet FF jacket. Photo credit goes to @dylannord.    
Mine also say Carmina. I took a look at my Crockett & Jones for comparison, but apparently they also lack the Dainite label and have the shoe brand's name instead.
Haven't seen this color as a crewneck, but it looks fantastic. Nice job!
I only have one pair of navy Walts and got the Hopsack. I think the texture, while maybe not noticeable at first glance, is more visually appealing.
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