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Didn't grab anything either. If I could have gotten a pair, I think I would have gotten the copper twills or the khaki barberis that came at the end. I think all I want in my F/W pant wardrobe are some fawn flannels and chocolate moleskins.
God - if I could turn that POW into a suit....
There's currently a tan/khaki option of moleskin in the current MTO. I think they offered it as a RTW before, so it is possible that it will appear.
I think he said he would be back at 2, so in about 8 minutes start refreshing again.
While Mike is on break, let's take a moment of silence to remember all the fabrics that have been sold:   IN MEMORIAM:                                                
Rust rust rust!   I still haven't bought anything - just love walking through memory lane to see all these different swatches!
Wow! Burgundy hopsack, brown houndstooth, chocolate birdseye? I remember these guys!   Like being reunited with old friends.
This will probably get buried with PANTS PANTS PANTS post, but was wondering:   @Epaulet   1. Are we going to do Secret Santa again this year? Had a blast last year doing it.   2. Are we going to have another contest like we did last winter?
Winners hold their pee and get the pants they want. Losers go to the bathroom and get stuck with tartan.
Grandpa tattersall is awesome
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