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Yep. I'm currently in Austin on vacation but will post them when I get back.
Will you also have the Hardie cardigan again for the fall?
Definitely going to have to see pics when this arrives. I bet it's going to look awesome.
For sport coats, I really like the blackwatch tartan, which easily pairs with light grey/dove grey hopsack, indigo hopsack, and tobacco Walts. The oatmeal cranberry check linen is also a great pattern, but i think it's a little more challenging to wear. Lastly, I think natural linen is dope and would make a great blazer suit. As a SC, you could wear it with navy hopsacks for that northern lights look.
I guess I never posted mine:   http://edwinzee.tumblr.com   For StyleForum photos:   http://edwinzee.tumblr.com/tagged/styleforum
More meetup antics:          
C'mon, Mike! I'm trying to keep my spending to a minimum to save up for my wedding and then you have to put something like this up in the MTO?     So awesome. Must resist.
Look's like Mike built out some more of the MTO Suiting options. A linen suit sounds especially nice.
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