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Smoke MOP all the way.
True. One thing that I have noticed with this collab and the last Ines one is that retail store inventory was really limited to the NY stores, with West Coast stores getting a smaller offering. I wonder if they did this to make sure that their online store had enough inventory to reach more people? Also, just noticed this: So looks like you called it!
I don't know about that. My wife was really interested in the Ines collection for women and while the previous two stuck around for a while, this latest collection sold out instantly and was never restocked.  I think the main emphasis of these collaborations are to drive awareness of the Uniqlo brand as well as to help Lemaire extend his reach and not to make a huge profit. Probably because if Uniqlo continued to restock these items, they wouldn't move a lot of their main...
Looks like it was a fantastic event!
I'll try to see if I can!
Everything looks fantastic, Jim. I always love the Ring Jacket trunk shows, but don't think I'll be able to attend this one as I'll be returning from my mini-honeymoon trip.     I highly recommend everyone else to go if they can!
I'm wearing my pair of jodhpurs on the York sole right now. I purchased them from the Carmina store in Paris and they are absolutely one of my favorite pairs of boots. While I suppose a full on dainite sole would be good for harsh weather, I've worn my York sole pair many a time in the rain and have been fine.
Steve and Skoat are both class acts! 
Not only that, but a few retailers like Epaulet and NMWA have stated that the GMTO scene is a little crowded. Epaulet tend to has more success with Aldens, which is one of the reasons why they decided to leave the scene. NMWA wanted to do something that other retailers weren't offering, which is why they didn't bother with Carmina at all.
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