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That suit is No Man Walks Alone exclusive.
Ending today!   Picture Product Bids Price Time Left Brown Lardini Prince of Wales Sport Coat Jacket Blazer 38R 1 $100.00 0d 7h 26m L.B.M. 1911 Sports Coat Jacket Blazer 38 R Light Blue Lubiam Cashmere Blend 2 $100.00 0d 7h 35m Gant By Michael Bastian Grey Corduroy Sports Coat Jacket Blazer 38R 0 $100.00 0d 7h 52m Gant Rugger Orange Plaid...
Carson Street Clothiers also offers MTM.
Interested to see those tweed walts. Hopefully they'll launch today!
This listing is for the incredibly rare (only 50 made) Cone Mills chambray Doyle from Epaulet in a size 38. I'm sadly parting with it because I don't think it really fits my style. The jacket is brand new and has never been worn except to try it on for size. One note: one of the button's on the jacket came chipped, which you can see in the photo. I don't think it's that big of a deal, but I bet if it bother's you, you can contact Epaulet and they'll help you...
I got some cruddy iPhone pics that I can upload in a bit. In the meantime, here are two things from Bloomies this F/W season that I pulled from the website. No idea if they are actually going to be sold online, but I found product shots.   Dark alabaster jacquard Carlo Barbera virgin wool sport jacket, $1,295: At first, I wasn't impressed by this jacket. But I stopped by Bloomingdales and tried it on again  and it's won me over. It's the absolute perfect shade of brown...
Sorry, what I wrote is a little confusing. I meant the standard US UK conversion works for Islay (9DUS=UK8), not to apply the standard conversion and then size down.
The 365 Last is incredibly generously sized. Most people are usually best served with taking a full size down (so if you were a 9D Us, taking a UK8). My feet are on the narrower side of D and I actually found that I could comfortably fit a size 1.5 down (I'm 8.5D Brannock and took a UK7) and still have plenty of room for thick socks as well.
Man, the San Francisco Bloomingdales has like half the stock as the New York one does! I just saw some photos of the stuff New York has including a navy corduroy suit. Amazing.
Butch Blum carries Eidos, but I don't think they bought anything for F/W.
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