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Every time I see Ecru nep, I want to eat some cookies and cream ice cream (and that's not a bad thing).
Gah, my bad. I misread your original post and thought you were looking for something with a captoe.
Quality Shop has some but in limited sizing: http://www.quality-shop.com/world/brands/carmina
Agreed. This is just a solid look.
It's a bit of a trek, but there's the Hall on Market and 6th. It's a fancy food court that has beer and would definitely have enough space.
You could try Boxing Room. It could hold a good sized group as long as they aren't filled up for Saturday evening.
RSVP +1 for the meetup, but won't be able to make it to dinner :/
Hope that list of colors comes out soon! I know the trunk show is next week, but can't wait to see them!
Walking is probably faster. I could take the Muni, but it would take longer than @P. Bateman 's flight from India.
New Posts  All Forums: