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Are those hats in the Niche lookbook photos Niche as well? If so, any plans on carrying them?
We all know that the Bay Area has already called dibs for the next storefront!
Logged in to my account and saw this was in my cart still:     Never give up.
Heading to Paris next week, so it looks like it's time to make my semi annual pilgrimage to the Carmina Paris store. I've been tasked with my girlfriend to pick her up a pair of shoes and am going to use all my strength to resist buying a pair for myself. Hope to snag some photos like I did last time, so stay tuned for that. If anyone wants me to take a photo of anything in particular, let me know!
Gant by Michael Bastian's line is the one that has ridiculous arm lengths. I've been told by someone who is close with the line that Michael Bastian uses his own body for fit and apparently he has incredibly long arms.
Didn't even know those cognac boots existed and now I need them. Great shoes, Roger!
I think a lot of nongamers (not just women in general) see gaming as a waste of time, but a lot of them have either never played a video game before or haven't played one since the 8bit/16bit era. Gaming has grown so much as a medium within the past thirty years. Some of the best stories that I've encountered in video games have trumped the ones you see in film and books. My girlfriend had been in the camp that video games were rather pointless, but then I showed her some...
Very nice herringbone. I'm really hoping a grey herringbone option will be available some how next fall.
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