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Will the new Lorenzo cut only be carried at NMWA? Or will it be available at other retailers as well?
Ha! I was just about to post about this. While not the exact shade, I think the Olive & Gold Windowpane is incredibly close to the jacket I have. So for those of you who missed out, this would be your best bet so you better not sleep on it this time around!
I think dark grey flannels would be the perfect pair of pants for this jacket. I'm not sure what else I'd pair with it though
Can you let us know know more about ordering a pair of pants in case we are interested in getting suits?
As someone who also lives in California and woke up at 6am to check, I completely agree.
Gah, I want it.
I didn't cuff mine. I usually cuff flannels and linens though.
Do you think you will ever have a restock the Carmina suede chukka in dark chocolate and sandy suede? I missed out on these and while I like the tobacco version, enjoy these versions better.
I find those chukkas a little harder to wear since they are "warmer" compared to the dark brown and noix colored, which I considered to be "cooler". Really, really, hoping that either Skoat restocks or that the GF chocolate MTO gets enough peeps.
Not sure about Spain, but Paris Carmina shop actually only has a 15% VAT discount.
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