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I'm wearing my pair of jodhpurs on the York sole right now. I purchased them from the Carmina store in Paris and they are absolutely one of my favorite pairs of boots. While I suppose a full on dainite sole would be good for harsh weather, I've worn my York sole pair many a time in the rain and have been fine.
Steve and Skoat are both class acts! 
Not only that, but a few retailers like Epaulet and NMWA have stated that the GMTO scene is a little crowded. Epaulet tend to has more success with Aldens, which is one of the reasons why they decided to leave the scene. NMWA wanted to do something that other retailers weren't offering, which is why they didn't bother with Carmina at all.
I'm getting married in Austin in exactly one month. It's an amazing town and has a lot to offer! If you have the time, please wait the three hours in line and get Franklin BBQ. It definitely lives up to the hype and is worth going at least once. It's probably the best BBQ that I ever had. You also need to make sure you get some breakfast tacos. My favorite place is Torchies, but there's a bunch of great places to go.
Does anyone remember what the balance was for the heirloom cardigan?
A few months ago, there was some interest in Rider Boots. I noticed the other day on Massdrop that they have a drop for the Dundalk Reverso Boot at $375 (MSRP $575):   https://www.massdrop.com/buy/rider-boot-dundalk-reverso-boot     I've used the site mostly for random things like pens and what not, but they've had some good menswear stuff lately (e.g. Knottery knit ties, Woodlore cedar shoe trees, Rancourt Mocs).
I'm flying out to Nashville that day and will regretfully have to decline. Have fun everyone!
[[SPOILER]] Do you know your sizing in any other lasts? I wear the same in Rain, Soller, and Forest and would like to determine if I should take the same in Uetam or size up.
 I believe because they wanted to focus on Alden MTOs as well as creating their own in house line of shoes.
Epaulet stopped carrying Carmina a few months ago.
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