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Sorry to interrupt this sweat pant conversation. But finally wore my new factory finds cranberry marl jacket:     Also featured, Epaulet oxford flannel walts.   P.S. HUGE APOLOGY TO MY SECRET SANTA. Chances are you'll be getting your present a few days after Christmas, but just thinking of it as a bonus present!
Those leather shoes are amazing.   @Epaulet Any plans for a contest similar to the one last fall with people's fits of newly released stuff?
 It took me a few seconds to notice it, but honestly if it were me, I'd keep the shirt and wear the crap out of it. I imagine only 2% of people will even notice that it's off and only 25% of that 2% would even care (they're probably SF users). I had a blazer shortened from the shoulders once and it threw off the pattern matching even more so than you shirt, but I still wear it because I like the jacket.
Congrats! Blah, you get one phone call and you lose a nice leather jacket.
Have all the FF jackets shipped?   Does anyone have more photos to share?
Didn't grab anything either. If I could have gotten a pair, I think I would have gotten the copper twills or the khaki barberis that came at the end. I think all I want in my F/W pant wardrobe are some fawn flannels and chocolate moleskins.
God - if I could turn that POW into a suit....
There's currently a tan/khaki option of moleskin in the current MTO. I think they offered it as a RTW before, so it is possible that it will appear.
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