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I only have one pair of navy Walts and got the Hopsack. I think the texture, while maybe not noticeable at first glance, is more visually appealing.
Tricky gots da best fits.
*belated double post.
I've never seen more than three York suits available on the US site at once. It seems to me that they only stock the navy one and every so often will carry one in a different fabric. I hear retail stores have more variety of RTW models though.
Not too bad, considering that shoe trees generally cost $70-$90.
I can't remember the weight of them, but I had a pair of the Moon tweeds and live in the Bay and felt that they were fine.
It's a small selection too. Saw the wool hooded jackets, mock sweaters, pleated and regular sweat pants. The women's selection is much larger, but it's still only a partial offering.
Natural:  Unstructured:
Smoke MOP all the way.
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