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      Some more snaps from the last meetup.
Smitten's definitely my favorite in SF - gotta love that liquid nitrogen!
I'm in.   Some fun snaps from the opening party that I've been posting on my Instagram            
I did triple pleat as well. My wrists are smaller than most and I found with a double pleat, there was a huge taper between my upper sleeve and forearm, which made it really restrictive on the elbow. Triple pleat fixed that and doesn't look much bigger than the double.
I think pairing it with non-seersucker navy pants would be a better choice to give some variation in texture.
How do you expect us to wait so long? 
I like the PTB and Jodhpurs a lot. If I didn't already own a pair of Jodhpurs, I'd be all over the sand suede version. However, am I alone when I say that I prefer the keeper on the side vs the front?   I'm going to be holding out for the GYW Chelseas!
You're going to love it. This is by far my most worn sports coat. I think the Reda is the same weight, which means you can wear it all year. I just wore mine yesterday with white jeans and a blue button down. Brown horn is playing it safe and will never do you wrong. I had a navy summer jacket with smoked and it looked great though, so if you like it you should stick with it. I think white MOP would also look rad...
@tricky Not sure if this helps but, I wear size 38 for most things (e.g. SuitSupply), but wear Epaulet Southwick in a size 40 due to the shoulders.
FWIW, I wear 8D Barrie and 7UK Detroit. 7UK Detroit fits perfectly. It is just a tad snugger than Barrie, but still roomy for me.
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