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 I believe because they wanted to focus on Alden MTOs as well as creating their own in house line of shoes.
Epaulet stopped carrying Carmina a few months ago.
I'm the same exact size in Barrie, so this is good to know. FWIW, I wear 7.5 in Rain, Soller, and Forest, but was wondering if I needed to size down a half step due to Detroit's "extra width". Now I only wish I was able to snag a pair of these before the price increase.
Some photos from the SF Trunk show. More on el blogo  
Cross post from Friday Challenge thread. Epaulet Southwick FF French Blue Sand Windowpane Jacket and Navy Hopsack Walts.  [[SPOILER]]
Long time listener, first time caller. Black knit with brown sports coat and navy trousers.   [[SPOILER]]
Do the pants wear well coast to coast?
If you're curious, here's a size 38 (cinnamon) vs size 40 (grey) on me:  
Interesting enough I wear a size 40 in the Epaulet Southwick Jackets because of the bigger shoulder.
I would stick to a conservative tie for the wedding seeing that the event and dress code are generally a bit more formal. But when in doubt, ask the host! 
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