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New drops at CSC and UGGGGGGGH, this stuff is awesome:   Navy corduroy donegal dinner jacket   Navy donegal overcoat.
I'd also be interested to know who will be carrying this jacket, especially the brown donegal version!
While the French blue is great, I think the standard navy is pretty dope.
I know this is super boring, but would anyone be interested in a black Chelsea boot (ideally with danite soles)? They'd make for a great pair of winter rain boots!
And we're back! Forgot about the SF blackout.   Even though I didn't get anything, I thought the sale was pretty successful and definitely fun to watch. Here's hoping to some shoes in my size next time though!
Loden Boots 10UK
Sizes 30, 33, and 34 added!
Walt Charcoal Houndstooth 36
Dammit, I love the regimental twill fabric and always wanted navy.
Lazio polo and polo sweaters up.
New Posts  All Forums: