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Fred perry x cabourn is up. http://www.fredperry.com/laurel-wreath-collection/nigel-cabourn
I am 5 9 with a 38-39 chest and 160 pounds and nearly all my cabourn is 50 par a aircraft and a couple of King George coats. I have the yellow raw cameraman in both a 50 and a 48, there is not a big jump in the sizing and can wear both but prefer the 50 as I like a looser fit.On a side note just wondering how much people paid for the bench coat from markkt. Did people buy their normal size or size down,
Yep that is the suit like jacket, I missed out on the trousers and unlike most people I like the Texas tuxedo look. I think the trousers came up large also with a small being 32 inch. I am still on the look out for the trousers...and a fox duffel(2009)...and a Japaneses white oxford with black stripes ...and all the rest. I think Eric Grill has the suit jacket and washed it with only a small bit of shrinkage.
I am usually a 50 in Cabourn. In denim/linen I have the suit jacket and pop over shirt both in 50 and both are a little large. I have the jacket pictured in a 48 and the fit is fine. If you buy your normal size it may feel a little over sized till you wash it, buy a size smaller it will fit fine but may need to be dry cleaned. I think some one else here had the suit jacket and washed it and there was only a small bit of shrinkage. The 48 is 22 inches pit to pit . The guy...
Yes its the same jacket ,I have 3 pieces in denim/linen and they were all raw .
Fred perry and Cabourn, my two favourite brands of all time. I am saving my pennies already but I don't think that's going to be enough.
Anyone have a Business Jacket In Donegal Wool. Most of my stuff is a 50 outside for a couple of King George jackets which are a 48. Seller is saying a 50 fits like a 48.
That's interesting, I bough the jacket and the pop over shirt in a 50 and the short zip jacket in 48. Was going to get the jacket altered as its slightly to big and the pop over shirt is huge. The 48 jacket is spot on. Zip jacket might get dry cleaned only and hopeful the other 2 will be a better fit when washed. Does anyone know if the selvedge work jeans from last year also shrink and if so by much?
I have a size 50 on the way also, hope I can fit into it.
How was the sizing on yours, some sites suggest on sizing up
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