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Hi guys! I have created this short guide to pocket squares recently and published it on amazon. This thread has been a great help. Also I included some feedback from Pocketsquareguy and David Hober. Today (12/31) is free to download as a kindle book! Hope you will find it useful, especially newbies! Any feedback is helpful! Thanks and all the best in 2013!
sorry, what is RLBL?
And apart from the brand name, how do you know if a tie is worth up to 140 euros? By the feel of the material, how it feels in hand?
Hi guys, how do you buy ties? What do you look for? What are you ready to pay for a nice high quality tie? There seems to be quite a big price range for which you can get a tie. How do you know which ones are worth the money?
Suitsupply (.com)
Here's a few I took from the window of a shop in the area of Saville Row in one of the surrounding streets...       btw. my first post. I have read this thread from the page 1 and loving it
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