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I got more faith in Keith's natural tendency to hit the body + str8 right hand downstairs + overhand right + pressure than I do Amir's jabI'd say Keith has a style that's more appealing to casuals and civilians. He can 'fuck people up' and often gets into brawls.They're both black, but I haven't met any blacks that will root for a fighter because he's also black. Unlike how Mexicans will auto support Mexicans
and Floyd will do good numbers next regardless of who he fights imo. My guesstimate is 1.2Mil The people who like him like him even more for giving manny an ass whooping
best case scenario Keith Thurman does well enough against Floyd to justifiably warrant a rematch Floyd fights him in May 2016, wins again, and retires Boxing has a torch passing ceremony of sorts.
Amir gon get upset soon by Algieri
It largely was about manny.Pressure fighters have historically given Floyd trouble. manny was far from one yet people had the most faith in his chances against Floyd.Ultimately, people vote with their wallet. 3 timez the amount of what was placed on Floyd was bet on mannyThe majority of softcores I spoke to genuinely thought manny would win. This wasn't some hateful and hopeful wishing but a genuine belief in him. lolMany fruit loops are in disbelief that FLoyd cracked...
I rather Floyd fight someone like Kell Brook in May 2016. Expecting Keith Thurman to be his opponent in September. Toughest welter out there for Floyd
I think rematch will under perform in terms of being an event.Even the dumbest softcore fans must realize the fight won't be to their liking due to Floyd's ring generalship.I'm expecting PPV numbers to be UNDER 2 million.Anyone with a brain knows manny is doing it solely for a payday. For one he was never truly confident against Floyd. This was evident by his trolling around at the weigh-in and micro-expressions when they stared down. The rate at which Floyd discouraged...
rematch rumored to be happening in May of next year http://pagesix.com/2015/05/13/mayweather-pacquiao-already-negotiating-rematch/?_ga=1.35849312.1765256052.1429023687 smdh if there was a time to say boxing is a business, it'd be right now. Many fighters believe manny was full of shit regarding his 'injury'
Please clarify
New Posts  All Forums: