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Erislandy wants to face him. He don't want it.Floyd recently got paid from 3G's fight on Saturday, so he's keeping an eye on the mark
What I found most telling was how Monroe halted 3G's momentum in I believe the 3rd round with body shots. Willie isn't accurate nor a hard hitter.Saul Alvarez is Mexican, so you know how loves to hit the body. Kid also loves to pick his shots and counter like a black fighter. 3G has leaky defense and comes forward pressure fighter style. He'll be in the firing range of Saul's powerful combosWard would bully, outcraft, and whoop 3G's azz on the inside.Froch would kill...
I'll be picking Saul Alvarez to win whenever he fights 3G
noHe can't cut a ring off. Even at his peak, the Cotto fight, he was frustrated once Miguel stuck and moved.manny fights nothing like the guys who have given Floyd his toughest matches: Castillo, Cotto, Maidana, etc.
what's your opinion on1 TIME VS $
I'm sure he'd fight those if the payday was to his liking.His style is better equipped for dealing with guys with great defense who often win on points than say the style of a fighter like manny.Ward would neutralize him and push his shit in imo. Given that GGG isn't a brand yet he feels it's too risky to take on someone like Ward. Losing doesn't do as much damage to a career once you've built a following.He can create a fan base by fighting guys like Cotto and Alvarez,...
Erislandy offered to move up and fight him, which he conveniently ignored3G is being hypocritical. He expects others to fight his 'high risk', low reward azz yet when another high risk, low reward guy comes banging on his door he stays silent.
3G is a good fighter imo. There's a very important question he hasn't answered yet though. How will he perform when faced with a fighter around his level? He has yet to face an elite American or Latino, the two best ethnic groups in boxing. His resume is primarily euros. Some like Froch are the real deal, but he doesn't want it with him. Majority of fighters don't look as extraordinary once they step up in levels. Is 3G one of them?
It appears to be longer around the wrist bone area, which creates a beautiful shape. What is the name for this kind of jacket sleeve design? It isn't a uniform circular shape all around unlike the standard sleeve.
he's old, desperate, and wants to get paidI believe Erislandy offered to move up and fight him. ggg keeps his mouth shut regarding this offer.fights with Ward and Froch are also more realistic yet he keeps their name out of his mouth.He's very similar to manny persona wise. I have an exciting style, make silly faces, and English isn't my first language, so I am entitled to immunity from criticism and shouldn't be held accountable for career decisions
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