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nvm question answered
Hello Will pick it up from you for $25. TyC
is Kent on vacation? I sent him an e-mail the other day, but it has been awhile
What happen to the production of those indigo scarves?
Some of my thoughts after making multiple purchases from Kent. If there's one word to describe Kent, it's helpful. He has answered every single e-mail I've sent him even when the questions weren't directly related to what he's selling. My experiences with Kent is literally like talking to another fellow SF'er via PM. I get the feel that Kent wants to teach people about clothing on top of selling his goods. If you need to make an exchange on something you bought for...
Gasnelo Alvarez gets slaughtered. Very bad stamina on that one. Sort of like how Paulie has no power or Khan has no chin.
Where do the two overlap? What are the differences?
looks pretty badAZZ. I like the black stripes against the fading blue
ugh the media has found its next ethnic boxing star to shamelessly be favorably biased towards The entire Showtime cast couldn't stop talking about how Trout was controlling the fight yet not a single one had Trout ahead on their scorecards. There was a rematch clause but only for Nelo. Trout took the fight knowing he would get robbed and took some cash under the table to give his rehearsed answers for the post-fight interview 114-113 or 115-112 Trout
who do you think wins Trout Canelo?
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