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thanks I learned a lot quickly
good good upcoming weeks for boxingWe had Rigo last Saturday.Trout this upcoming SaturdayMartinez the Saturday after nextThen Mayweather next next SaturdayTeam Slick coming out in full force
I found a link to a great Seattle shoe maker years ago but totally forgot their name and link. Their site had a photo of orange wingtips. If anyone could recommend shoe makers in Seattle, I'd greatly appreciate it.
looks best with the navy
anyone see the new clarks with the orange crepe soles? They're dope
what happen to their website
Anyone? Haile Selassie and JFK both have right breast pockets here
what happen to them? I remember them being the premier American brands for premium denim and all the hype when I first joined this board back in '07.
Hello all. I'm new to this side of the forum and just recently bought my first suit. My suit pants end around there, so how much should it be lengthened to achieve the quarter break?
Yes, I meant suit. I've also considered it on my right since I'm a lefty.
New Posts  All Forums: