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Floyd is Ali's superior in abilityIs he better than Sugar Ray Robinson skill wise? IDKAli is neither a candidate for most skilled or most accomplished fighter
fight has been anticipated by fans for well over 5 years. You'd think the fighters would show more enthusiasm
That was one shitty presser Neither guy looks like he wanted to be there according to manny, there has been coaching for them to suppress and inhibit their behavior for this promo how can the biggest fight have such a shitty promotion
REAL knockout artist Keith Thurman vs Robert Guerrero tonight I want Floyd to fight Keith and Kell Brook after whooping pacquiao azz
Has there been a price increase for TaT suits?
Thank you for taking the time to be clarified about my stance.
You want to know why. Because the man requesting information specifically asked how did manny fuck up.You have a long winded response begging me to explain where Floyd fucked up, despite ianGP not requesting it. Your post is fueled by a need to retaliate, which suggests a heavy emotional involvement towards manny.Then you mention how manny was robbed but conveniently make no mention of the major robbery he pulled over Marquez.Your actions lead me to believe you're just...
If you want pure biased on manny like he's perfect, just turn on your television to a mainstream sports channel.fact of the matter is someone wanted to know where manny 'fucked up'. It's most unfortunate that the explanation bothers you.
Dear Gents what is this a symptom of? The suit pants straighten themselves out after a few hours of wear.
I don't want to go on a long winded rantSo I'll keep it short and sweet.Back in 09 manny said blood tests weaken him. Floyd made him an offer. We'll stop testing you 14 days up to the fight.. manny still refused it.Today manny is getting a worse deal, potential testing up to the day of the fight. He's going with it because nearly all his options for alternative opponents have been exhausted in the prior 5-6 years.manny was able to make a good chunk of change fighting...
New Posts  All Forums: