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I'm beginning to think all of manny's idiocy is pre-selling for the rematch http://www.boxingscene.com/pacquiao-pleased-with-news-mayweather-rematch--90686 manny's daddy arum pretty much admits a rematch would be a cash grab. Floyd is fine with it because of the easy payday http://www.boxingscene.com/arum-feels-mayweather-wait-2016-pac-rematch--90679 I'm happy whether Floyd wants to go 49-0, 50-0, etc. But manny don't deserve a rematch. Here's to manny getting...
yes he had 5.5 years to prepare for Floyd and fucked upYou'd think he'd shut up and have no excuses after failing despite having all the time in the world, more so than any other Floyd opponent, to prepare
http://blacksportsonline.com/home/2015/05/pacquiao-implies-mayweather-knew-he-was-hurt-but-has-no-proof/ manny now going full retard and implying Floyd knew he was injured before hand Whether he knew or not the decision to postpone the fight is yours. His recent actions along with his fans are a disgrace to the sport
It's not the excuses in itself that are disturbing.It's the fact that manny fooled gullible people into supporting him with the humble act for years. Now when he gets clowned in the ring he has become a factory with a never ending production of excuses. That isn't what a humble person does.Simply put his excuses aren't treated like any other fighter's losing excuses because he's full of shit.There's only about a 100 guys that are considered ATG's. Oscar de La Hoya is...
Now some random azz fans who bet on manny are trying to sue him for $5 million for hiding an 'injury' coming into the fightall those lies are coming back to bang manny up the azz
our best hope of not seeing this unnecessary rematch is having a guy like Kell Brook or Crawford derail manny
ter1413: the picture is becoming clearer now manny made up a story about shoulder injuries. stupid people buy it and think he has a chance if he's at 100%. This will be the reason used to justify a rematch In reality Miguel Cotto is more deserving of a 2nd fight if we're going strictly off performances
Floyd isn't going to risk his hold over the September date for someone like AmirSaul Alvarez tried to jack it from him earlier this year.Amir isn't that important.anyways, it seems like Floyd is being greedy. He's saying he'll rematch the chump next year after the shoulder is recovered.http://www.boxingscene.com/mayweather-says-hell-give-pacquiao-rematch--90652I suppose the dollars are too good to turn down. Floyd will come into a rematch better like he always does. ...
I'm happy to see that manny is finally being held accountable for his actions.What do you think of all the coverage the media is giving his 'injury'. It's like the media wants to excuse his incompetence and limitations because you know for years it kept saying manny will beat Floyd. Of course the media turned out to be wrong and is now pathetically trying to salvage its politically correct agenda
Floyd doesn't have the most durable handsHe has hurt his hands during fights throughout his career, more so than the standard for fighters
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