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As for everyone who came to develop high school girl like feelings of affection towards manny due to his 'humility', I want you all to know you fell for a sham. I watch a lot of boxing, but he' has invented some of the stupidest excuses I seen as a boxing fan. Kid lied about thinking he won during the post-fight in-ring interview. Commentator looked at him like is you retarded. I'll never understand the drive to become a fan of someone primarily because he shows some...
I want to share a story with you about the valuable knowledge I gained from the fan reactions inside of the club.Noises made for manny was primarily cheering.The music for Floyd had a higher degree of booing. Ultimately, he evoked a greater volume out of the people than his filipino buddy. In this moment of clarity, I quickly realized why Floyd has always been the greater draw. He knows how to manipulate people into making strong emotional decisions towards him. It doesn't...
These are my thoughts. I was impressed by manny's defense. He made Floyd's right miss big a couple of times earlier in the fight. Both guys showed a very impressive defense in this fight. Not once did manny manage to HURT Floyd with the left. Some prior southpaws have landed bigger lefts on Floyd. manny getting neutralized to that degree is a testament to Floyd finally mastering southpaws. It was ultimately VERY similar to Floyd-Guerrero. People who appreciate...
I'm so happy he got exposed by Floyd out of all people.The media's mainstream disney fairytale the good guy always wins politically correct narrative would have been insufferable had the puppet pull it off.This is exactly what I said as I was seated with two paqturd couples.After watching boxing for a certain amount of time you learn how to recognize subtle shots. Every time The Savant came over the top with a left hook I'd shout FUCK THAT FOO .It's a great thing for the...
You're right about this. I had the same suspicion when they said fight can be held up due to ticket issues.Same story they said contract hasn't been signed
Floyd prevents two bum azz female reporters who created pieces on his domestic abuse troubles barred from attending his fight.This what I admire about the man. He doesn't conform to societal standards and always takes a crap on the politically correct types.They felt delusionally entitled to be at his fight despite contributing nothing to the event but player hating, party pooping vibes.
best way to go about it imo.Being alone with your own thoughts during a fight provides the most clarity on what's happening.I plan to kill all day tomorrow reviewing boxing footage, so I'll definitely be online at that time.
most likely not as I will only have internet access through my STEVEphonewill be seeing this at a night club, so I'll be occupied with the buffet, club slutz, and the thoughts in my mind as the fight unfolds before my eyeswhy did you azzk?
Yea? There was a notable change in their demeanors when they stared down.Floyd went from mellow to domineering.manny went from happy and relaxed to something else
ter1413 Enjoy the weigh-in streams
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