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Floyd's biggest threat is:
By TMZManny Pacquiao's financial problems are starting to build up. He now has a bill of $18 million dollars ... in addition to his $50 million dollar tax fight in the Philippines ... and this time, it's Uncle Sam that's trying to force Manny to pay up.TMZ Sports has obtained official documents which show the IRS claims Manny owes the government millions in federal income taxes from 2006 to 2010 ... totaling $18,313,668.79 in debt.Here's the yearly breakdown:2006 --...
manuela rematches Timmeh Bradley next imo
dope seeing this makes me reconsider taking up blue denim again
that's how I see it too. probably why they're so popular these days
I live in Seattle, and people dress very casual here since everyone works in the tech sector. A pair of DBs is considered dressy by this city's standards
it could just be my city, but DBs are saturated among the public now I bought my first pair, a safe color, in 07 or 08, thanks styleforum, and got complimented on em all the time since it was fairly novel at the time. Then I switched to owning only DBs of a unique color (baby blue, burgundy/purple, etc) a few years ago. I'm not sure if it's finally attracted the early or late majority now. They're all over the place now which has caused them to lose their charm.
I once ordered a KW shoe that had minimal damage on it. What you do is e-mail him a photo of the defect to make the exchange happen.It's definitely the right call to send em back for an exchange given what you paid
so I soaked my jeans and finally wore em for the first time yesterday. stretching them by wearing them is a breeze
bought a pair of the navy sneakers. it is exactly what I expected
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