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the dark brown looks better imo
Floyd handing out beatings even in retirement. This time phony oscar and ronda get itAbout time he answers back. Oscar like manny has had an inferiority complex ever since being beat by Floyd. The fakes didn't badmouth Floyd to his face at pressers but could only do it when his back was turnedBoxing needs an outspoken alpha character that will call out the bullshit for what it is.
Throughout boxing history fighters have moved up in weight in pursuit of greatness. gennady is only in his first weight division. It's not a stretch to go up one at all.It's unlikely Ward can make 160. If he did, there's a good chance he'd be a weight drained zombie like Oscar vs manny. Anit nobody trying to see that.Plus gennday often whines about being avoided. Lesser fighters, Paul Williams for example, have gone up a weight class or two before because they felt no...
The master of boxing goes in on gennadyhe raises a fine point. Lotta exciting fighters get treated like bimbos to pump-n-dump by boxing fans--they put on an act that they like them but that's all it is. PPV numbers reflect it
Roman Gonzalez is something else The stars of the previous era Floyd and manny weren't pressure fighters Roman and gennady are bringing pressure back to the forefront
gennady has looked excellent thus far. The question is how good will he look against good opposition? 160 is lacking in talent right now. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and say he looks better than the last dominant middleweight Sergio Martinez
Is there any difference in fit between Sterlingwear's Navigator vs the Authentic?
In other news you guys might get Floyd-emmanuel part 2. Lotta boxing articles are bs, but this one is on yahoo. money done went to Floyd's head
Pacquiao: I knew I would lose one month before Mayweather fight That's one persuasive individual. He convinced the majority of the world of something he himself believe he couldn't do.
I'll be catching this one in theaters
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