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My Villain delivery finally arrived today. They mean it when they say it's slim. XS typically fits me fine, but I can feel how slim my SMALL Villain is. It would probably be uncomfortable on me if I was a fat boy. Great piece though. Now I can understand why JE has been having this crazy demand recently in the Streetwear section. I haven't been this impressed with a hoodie since B.Son back in F/W of '07/'08
it's already available!
er small is either sold out or wasn't included in this restock. I'll have to wait for the next wavethanks though.
would you be willing to take preorders? burgundy villain is already sold out even though you just made that post a mere 15 mins ago
Garcia is the truth
You sound well acquainted with him. I'm more interested in hearing your lunch stories
how old is your ex boss?someone once told me you can fail many times, but all it takes is for one of your startups to succeed
I'd go with black. grey sweatshirts are too common. it seems to be the go to color for hoodies.
what's my best bet for getting a burgundy villain in small?
what happen to the red riga hoodie? It's no longer listed on the site.
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