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Carl Froch and Gennady could be made for later this year
Offering $45. Send me a PM for a smooth and fast transaction.
Your self-imposed prison is your own burden to bear.Certain guys have the charisma to entertain people with their personality.Many people, you included, dislike or even hate him. But he has the most emotional relevance out of any fighter today. People like entertainment because it pumps their emotions.Do you also get angry at marketers for telling you they have the leading product.
Indifferent about it for the most part except in cases like this: https://www.yahoo.com/movies/s/ronda-rousey-jabs-floyd-mayweather-wed-only-fight-221840061.htmlIf Ronda wanted to be his next victim, it'd be amusing to me.
http://news.yahoo.com/fight-century-becomes-fight-court-fans-sue-pacquiao-055253530--spt.html 32 lawsuits filed on the loser of May 2nd for making it a boring fight. I'm happy that the public is finally using common sense. Everyone should know how Floyd fights. It is the responsibility of his victims to make it 'exciting'. manny could have played aggressively like he did in the 4th Juan fight and get KO'd for it. He took the alternate route and went into survival...
Here's a picture perfect example of 3G bitching out http://www.boxingscene.com/golovkin-promoter-not-enough-money-andre-ward--91174
I know nothing about other sports, but in boxing there's a huge correlation between greatness and smacking/punching your gf/wifeThe guys I mentioned aren't just anybody. They're the very best the sport has to offer.Hell even Ali smacked a female. Sugar Ray Robinson (who is Ali's hero) tried to stop him, and Ali threatened to kick his azz for it.
Floyd's history of domestic abuse has a positive byproduct for the growth of boxing. Many people hate him and tune in hoping to see him lose. Whenever he does things that piss these people off it further fuels their rage towards him and will compel them into tuning in. The beauty of monetizing the heel role.
The media tries to make boxing out to be more than it is by expecting it to be the gentlemen's sport.Jack JohnsonJoe Louis (considered a hero to Americans for very good reasons)Sugar Ray RobinsonSugar Ray LeonardMarvin HaglerMike TysonFloydetcThose are just some of the many great fighters that have punched or smacked a gf or wife.Personally, I'm happy that boxing is so lenient and makes little room for political correctness. If it handed out punishments for bad behavior...
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