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Froch vs gennady is more important as of nowFroch vs Ward has already occured
It's time for you to calm down and celebrate.Rumors are that your boy gennady will finally step up in opposition and fight Froch next year. This is very promising news seeing as he conveniently didn't fight Ward or Erislandy.Like it or not combat sports needs hypejobs (fighters whose skill cannot come close to their flash).
More importantly you went into a boxing thread to post specifically about mmaIs UFC dead now that ronda got clapped. You guys used to have your own threadLooks like ronda's new mother was quite a successful pro boxer. mma's p4p best just got laid out by a boxer. ronda has been buried for all her endless trolling about how she could beat up pro male boxers
I watch boxing to find guys that make beating people up a science and art. You watch it to find guys that would make good husbands.The eyes don't lie boy. White mainstream media had a crush on manny. On the night of his ass beating I can remember the hopeless faces of his fans. There were many white faces in that sea of lose
Another great white hope has been extinguished tonight. Floyd single handedly put out one earlier this year in May
ronda getting her azz laid out is an excellent thing for boxing Oscar can no longer panhandle by putting mma fighters on the cover of boxing mags. Time to put boxers back on the cover of a boxing mag
Your good friend Oscar looking mad stupid now.This week he mentioned how expert women beater Floyd wouldn't give ronda a beating within 15 seconds.Then he was silly enough to say he'd back ronda if she did a boxing run even though she has whack hand to hand skills.
the dark brown looks better imo
Floyd handing out beatings even in retirement. This time phony oscar and ronda get itAbout time he answers back. Oscar like manny has had an inferiority complex ever since being beat by Floyd. The fakes didn't badmouth Floyd to his face at pressers but could only do it when his back was turnedBoxing needs an outspoken alpha character that will call out the bullshit for what it is.
Throughout boxing history fighters have moved up in weight in pursuit of greatness. gennady is only in his first weight division. It's not a stretch to go up one at all.It's unlikely Ward can make 160. If he did, there's a good chance he'd be a weight drained zombie like Oscar vs manny. Anit nobody trying to see that.Plus gennday often whines about being avoided. Lesser fighters, Paul Williams for example, have gone up a weight class or two before because they felt no...
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