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dope seeing this makes me reconsider taking up blue denim again
that's how I see it too. probably why they're so popular these days
I live in Seattle, and people dress very casual here since everyone works in the tech sector. A pair of DBs is considered dressy by this city's standards
it could just be my city, but DBs are saturated among the public now I bought my first pair, a safe color, in 07 or 08, thanks styleforum, and got complimented on em all the time since it was fairly novel at the time. Then I switched to owning only DBs of a unique color (baby blue, burgundy/purple, etc) a few years ago. I'm not sure if it's finally attracted the early or late majority now. They're all over the place now which has caused them to lose their charm.
I once ordered a KW shoe that had minimal damage on it. What you do is e-mail him a photo of the defect to make the exchange happen.It's definitely the right call to send em back for an exchange given what you paid
so I soaked my jeans and finally wore em for the first time yesterday. stretching them by wearing them is a breeze
bought a pair of the navy sneakers. it is exactly what I expected
has atrium received its exclusive white villain? if so, how much do they run for
so I decided to hot soak my obsidians before wearing them. it's interesting because the soaking has appeared to stretch out the waist measurement from 15.5 to 15.75ish-16. either that or I'm measuring against a flatter surface due to the hang dry
29's thigh measures the same as 30's thigh according to the site
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