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Oscar tweeted out Amir vs RG the other day as a feeler for fan demandthere's less to lose when they rush to make a low profile match
it's like boxing is going through a transitional phase, but no one is good enough to indefinitely step upnone of the younger faces in the welterweight division make you believe he'll be the one to take over soon once Floyd retiresthere's rumors of Amir-Guerrero. If the former wins that match and doesn't nearly die doing it, he'll probably be Floyd's next opponentThurman or Brook would be great fights for Floyd. two young talented guys. Hopefully, there's enough time for...
encouraging fights with inferior opposition like Rios and Algieri by paying for em is nothing to be proud of as a hardcore, fans who go I only want to see Floyd-manny make no sense. By paying for matches like Rios, Bradley rematch (would have been unnecessary had they not rig the judges the first time), and Algieri, you communicate I'll still pay you even if you don't make the fight I want Alvarez, at the time Floyd fought him, was mostly a product of hype. He has done...
got a chance to visit Jay's shop earlier this month it's a must see for anyone who is in the Seattle area I was impressed by what the Rogue Territory and Momotaros look like irl. the former has my favorite design while the latter has the best looking fabric
manny getting ko'd by JUAN was similar with some differences.manny is a habitual lunger and propelled himself directly into a compact dynamite rightFloyd was known for having relatively fragile hands throughout his career. as a fan I was happy to see his hands didn't get injured last night despite ripping Marcos with 3 punch combos to the body someitmes
http://giant.gfycat.com/IncompleteComplicatedKid.gif big shot Marcos caught him with at the end of round 3. Floyd's momentum was partially used against him, but he didn't even stagger dat chin the only two physical attributes he lacks are obvious ko power, and his facial features don't seem hard to bust up (not a liability since he's hard to hit clean in the face)
hi yywwyy how wide are those lapels
looks like Marcos did well enough to earn a rematch
are those this shoe in dark brown?http://www.kentwang.com/shoes/benchgrade-captoe-balmoral.html#
http://sports.yahoo.com/news/manny-pacquiao-s-top-rank-extension-cements-death-to-potential-floyd-mayweather-fight-001704691.html he would have been better off without a top rank extension Floyd or not goes to show he did everything he could to duck the master boxer Floyd
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