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Bradley's gameplan was to go for a knockout.His showboating were attempts to bait emmanuela in for a KO counter shot.Looking for that one punch knockout ultimately backfired since emmanuela is a notorious mover. Timmeh's strategy made it easier for manny to use his footwork and outbox Tim.Timmeh deserves an easy fight next. His last four matches have all been tough competitive fights.
when prompted with what next emmanuela wentidk up to me promoter
Timmeh-Marquez rematch later this year ftw
congrats to emmanuela hbo had the correct score this time with their 8-4 no need to retire until he's consistently having 7-5, 6-6 type of matches with guys he would have beat wide in his prime
one of the dumbest excuses I've heard in boxinghave you watched their face off? I'm amazed that Timmeh has managed to convince emmanuela that emmanuela lost. How do you beat someone up then allow them to convince you that they beat you up.
I want Martinez to win and think he will assuming he isn't shot.Martinez like Trout and emmanuela is a fleet footed southpaw. Miguel isn't very good against those.Are you going to attend that one live?
yep Floyd needs a good undercard this time around
are these shoes too formal to wear with black denim?:eh
I think I've made a decision on my next pair of shoes
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