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Today is May 2nd, 2016. Here's to Floyd beating pacquiao's azz last year on this day.
Lotta rumors about a comeback lately.I fear he might really return.
so Keith Thurman just got into a car accident and the fight with Porter will be pushed back for laterAin't that a b1tch. Quite possibly the best boxing match of 2016
Funny thing is his chin is so bad it's unlikely he gets hurt bad.His mandible can't hold up to a sustained beating, the most damaging kind of azz whooping.At this point Amir has become a sellout that's all about the money with no regard for glory.He was content to be inactive at welterweight hoping to 'save himself' (couldn't risk another humiliating loss since the 147 division was getting hot again) for Floyd and manny. Floyd only fights guys coming off a flashy victory...
My parents are from SEA (not the Philippines though).They don't know who he is.ime the whole notion of manny being some hero throughout asia is fabricated. In the US it's easy to be misled into thinking that. There weren't no asian boxers making noise, so when manny came onto the scene asian pride kids latched onto him.
who cares. It isn't my job to further causes (sjw) that are irrelevant to me.He's a boxer whose political influence is limited to his countryCrucifying manny the boxer for his social views lowers one to the level of those that whined about Floyd being bad.That being said people who became manny fans because of his nice guy persona are suckers with a bullseye on their foreheads. It usually takes a mean azz ruthless mofo to become an elite boxer.Boxing is the best sport. ...
Good thing manny is at the twilight of his career. HIs time horizon for endorsements was coming to an end.Let hope the homos don't come out full force and get the Vegas venue to boycott his next fight. Knowing manny he'll get a slap on the wrist like always.
manny shares religious quote that states people should be killed for having homosexual relationships He done annihilate 99% of his fanbase. All clowning aside I'm divided. On one end I'm happy to see him finally speak up instead of mindlessly keeping it shut 24/7. It'll be interesting to see how things play out. Some social justice warrior types (please beat up Floyd because he hit a woman) were on his train right before Floyd deranged his brain. But now manny has...
It's easier if we use yours.
New Posts  All Forums: