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hi yywwyy how wide are those lapels
looks like Marcos did well enough to earn a rematch
are those this shoe in dark brown?http://www.kentwang.com/shoes/benchgrade-captoe-balmoral.html#
http://sports.yahoo.com/news/manny-pacquiao-s-top-rank-extension-cements-death-to-potential-floyd-mayweather-fight-001704691.html he would have been better off without a top rank extension Floyd or not goes to show he did everything he could to duck the master boxer Floyd
they have a respectable customer service. e-mailed them today and got this back within a few hours"I'm so sorry to hear we sent you an item in this condition, and I'd be more than happy to resolve this issue for you. I've already refunded for the total amount of the shirt ($67.45) to a gift card. I honored the return to a gift card, because I currently don't have a method of payment for you, and couldn't credit your Paypal account - if you need this changed however,...
for the life of me I can't figure out why they vary the measurements all the damn time just measured the arm lengths of a new shirt left arm is 25.75 while right is 26.25 wtf
I think he'll fight Keith Thurman next yearthey gotta build him up some firstI'm a huge Garcia fan, but he along with Bradley are stylistic cakewalks for Floyd
usually I'd chalk this up as bullshitbut prior to the fight Floyd made a bold statement about how Marcos won't go the distancethen in the final conference before the fight he talked about how he 'has no gameplan' for this fight
don't think sohe sitting out in september due to his religion
the most competitive Floyd fight since Josue Castillo Imost common score among fans appears to be 7-5 Floyd
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