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Smaller waist measurement than advertised has also been true in my experience.A campaign I backed has already been funded. If I don't receive a pair with reasonably accurate measurements, that will be the final time I back a denim campaign.Their scarf on the other hand has given me no problems
good stuffthanks
Has anyone here ever received a refund for a product that failed quality control? Given the likelihood of screw ups it would be ridiculous to receive store credit, wait an indefinite amount of time for a campaign that you like, and wait another 1-2 months for a potentially defective product
Yes, I'm following the guide.The waist is nearly a full inch less than advertised. The two top buttons can't be buttoned.
is it me or do Gustin jeans not live up to their stated measurements on their site's fit guide? This is the 2nd pair I received where the waist and rise measurements are all over the place
Did anyone get on the recycled italians train? The photos looked amazing
Ward would beat that boy's azz on something viciousa Holyfield-Tyson kind of fightI don't see him stopping Alvarezyes, he'd KO Miguel. He's all wrong for Miguel stylistically
looks goodappreciate the help
who owns a pair of italy indigoxindgo what do these look like in the wild
Oscar tweeted out Amir vs RG the other day as a feeler for fan demandthere's less to lose when they rush to make a low profile match
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