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Alvarez was trained well by the media. When questioned about gennady last night he rings up nationalism. The dummies in the audience get aroused and ignore his ducking of the question.
Also hbo giving gennady airtime during the broadcast. It was good to see them put pressure on a highly demanded fight. That's a start and should be done for more fights. gennady is the new phony pacquiao persona boy. HBO loves fruity puppets.
Had it 3-2 for Alvarez prior to him laying Amir's azz out. Thought the rounds Amir won were highly competitive.Amir throws fast flurries that give the impression of landing. In truth he sloppy and missed many punches. Alvarez was already countering him in round 1.Alvarez has fought guys his size such as Trout and Lara.Even though he's much bigger than Floyd fighting him took more balls to take than anything gennady has done.Boxing is simple. Throughout history a good...
gennady's silly hypocrisy is coming back to bite him in the ass.He wanted to go up in weight for certain guys but got silent about doing the same to face Ward.Now Alvarez is using weight as an excuse also.THe difference is Alvarez has actually faced good opponents.
Alvarez was always unusually patient and slow at starting for a Mexican fighter.His natural disposition is to counterpunch rather than pressure to get all up in your azz.
Show love for Donald Trump.Quick way to troll Mexicans. They'll defly tune in.
^ I hope they fight soon. The winner would be a worthy comeback opponent for Floyd. Having them fight first is better than going at either raw. Brook would impressively school Garcia. Floyd loves fighting guys coming off good looking wins.
^ Regardless of who Floyd comes back against I'm confident it'll be a highly beatable fighter for him to measure where he's at. Garcia The alpha to emerge among Brook-Thurman-Porter Bradley Floyd should fight 1 or 2 of those then bounce. imo a primed beast like Errol Spence would be pain in the azz. A younger Floyd would beat him more easily. Boxing talent has booms and busts. Floyd is taking advantage of the bust before Errol shows up as the next alpha.
I think he'll do more than one fight.He indirectly tells on himself. It'll be Danny Garcia next. Listen to how open and enthusiastic he sounds about fighting him. His mind is already made.When the commentator asks Floyd about winner of Thurman-Porter Floyd quickly changes the topic. He has no interest there.Garcia has one of the best resumes among the welterweights. He kicked Lucas Matty's azz along with Amir back when the latter was still relevant. These...
New Posts  All Forums: