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Koncz, manny's adviser, also confirmed the hotel meeting they had laterI been silently keeping an eye on this for awhile.A week or two ago manny said he'll wait for Floyd until the end of Jan 31st.Superbowl, an event Floyd likes to leverage for announcing his fights, is on Feb 1st.Now we're getting public meetings between the two.
Isn't there some sort of official Gustin forum or community? If anyone could link me to it, I'd greatly appreciate it.
JE offers my favorite denim design and cut, but does anyone find the jeans to be lacking in durability? I typically make my raw denim last 3-5 years. These Obsidians had hardware issues in year 1. It hasn't been 2 years yet, but they're already developing back pocket and crotch holes
My guess is everything is already signed, and they're playing with the public to build hypeWord on the streets is that Floyd went straight to the hotel manny was in and sorted out the network issues with a simple phone call
ter1413 The best fighter confronts manny
If anyone is interested, I'm selling a new pair of Streaky Cones Size 30, Slim Fit.
Get these streaky cones right here, right now. Yours immediately for only 99 bucks. Free USPS Priority shipping for Continental US buyers.
Be sure to pick a venue that makes accessing a top club easy following the fight. Lot of club slutz
http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2015/jan/14/floyd-mayweathers-team-confirms-deal-to-fight-manny-pacquiao-is-closeAl's right hand man saying this fight will be a joint PPV venture between Showtime and HBO. HBO eating they words. They did some massive player hating on Floyd when he went over to Showtime
hey man the exact same thing happen to me recentlyemail em and I'm sure they'll take care of youGustin is reasonable when it comes to quality control fails
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