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If a rematch isn't immediate, I'd like to see Garcia-Porter. Garcia fan but he hasn't been answering questions lately.
Porter is iron chinned hero. Possibly the greatest physical specimen in boxing today
Neither's performance knocked Kell Brook off the top spot. Kell still #1 welter. Kell beats em all comfortably imo except for Errol Spence. Shawn has already been taken care of. Thurman and Garcia would get a boxing lesson via that jab. Kell-Bradley would be a good fight, but Timmeh is stuck over at top rank like manny was.
Porter impressed me with his versatility. Kept hearing about how he was a good boxer in the amateurs. He showed some fighting backwards skills tonight. Shawn got the better jab, so he was capable of holding his own at range. Keith still has some major holes in his abilities: jabbing, inside fighting, and defense. This was a huge experience building fight for him. Let hope he uses the fight to better himself. It was surprising to see how inaccurate Thurman could be...
I had Thurman-Porter a draw. They need a rematch. I don't think Uncle Al favors Porter much. Not a single judge card had it for Porter. They all went 7-5. Good thing for Thurman judges prioritize clean punching for scoring. For ringside fans the easiest criterion to score is effective aggression--the department where Porter was better.
goofnady went crickets when Erislandy Lara offered to fight him.
Yes, continue your girly giggle because your fav didn't face a great fighter when given the chance.Refuses to move up one for a single fight despite requesting opponents two divisions smaller
gennady is reminding me of Kell Brook. Like Kell Brook he's content with fighting unknowns because he can't face the glamour guy. More importantly Keith Thurman vs Shawn Porter very soon this Saturday. Keith is easily the most charismatic guy in boxing today. I hope he wins for this reason. Someone has to step up and be the star now that Floyd is gone. Footage of them sparring years ago. We haven't had a major fight with two athletic guys in awhile.
My slim button up shirts measure much smaller than the stated measurement specs on Gustin's site. Does anyone else encounter this issue with their shirts, namely the slim fit? I'm thinking I should go classic on all future shirts since Gustin has made all my slims smaller than stated.
You see how sloppy and inaccurate Amir is. A highlight video that slows down much of the action. He misses all 7 punches of a flurry. Amir got blazing handspeed to throw flashy flurries but he doesn't land unlike manny. It didn't help that the filipino boxing style ingrained into him, from years of being manny's gym buddy, sucks against counterpunchers. Alvarez makes some good fights. He's an atypical Mexican who boxes like a black guy. Unlike the brothas he has...
New Posts  All Forums: