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In other news you guys might get Floyd-emmanuel part 2. Lotta boxing articles are bs, but this one is on yahoo.http://sports.yahoo.com/news/pacquiao-says-talks-mayweather-khan-151559263--box.htmlThe money done went to Floyd's head
Pacquiao: I knew I would lose one month before Mayweather fight That's one persuasive individual. He convinced the majority of the world of something he himself believe he couldn't do. http://sports.inquirer.net/195713/pacquiao-i-knew-i-would-lose-one-month-before-mayweather-fight
I'll be catching this one in theaters
ter1413 your favorite fighter is fighting Andre Berto next:eh
Floyd vs Brook ftw!
it has been done before.Morales appeared to have nothing left after the Diaz fight. He retired for 3 years, came back, and had some respectable performances against good opposition.
wonder who will be next for Floyd after thatbased off the schedules of Porter and Thurman, they were clearly planning for Amir to be Floyd's next opponent.However, he struggled so hard with Chris that interest for Floyd-Amir has gone down the shitter
http://www.boxingscene.com/marquez-reacts-mayweather-rematch-rumors--91482Add Marquez to the list of Mayweather victims that were dealt an inferiority complex in addition to a loss.The bold in particular is disappointing when you account for Marquez position in the sport. He's one of the top professors of cerebral boxing. It's a comment you'd expect from a wild uneducated brawler.Mayweather victims with an inferiority complex:manny paqOscar de La HoyaRicky Hattonand...
Carl Froch and Gennady could be made for later this year
Offering $45. Send me a PM for a smooth and fast transaction.
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