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Hi guys, I have couple of questions on RRL sizing. For pants, I have a pair of selvedge officer chino in 28 (true 30) and it fits well. Is it safe to go same size on other chino and jeans? For shirts, I usually take small in other shirts brand (Gitman, Engineered garments etc.). Do I need to size down for RRL shrits? Thanks in advance!
Hey Gary, Do you have picture of these two shawls? F5H08103 / Button Shawl / Multi Color Block Herringbone F5H0887 / Button Shawl / Dark Grey Pattern Block Herringbone Thanks in advance!
Can we please have extended size pre-order for combat boots/PTB?
Willing to sell instead of trading?
Mike, What about off-white trainer? Will it be part of tomorrow's pre-order too?
For me, Brooks Brothers is main source for shoe trees. http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Cedar-Tree-with-Brass-Knob/438H,default,pd.html?dwvar_438H_Color=NATL&contentpos=8&cgid=0522 Last time I bought few weeks ago, it was marked $38 CAD, but could talk out for $33 CAD per pair with my SA.(2014 price). If you apply corporate discount of 30% on $38 during the event, it is $30.05 CAD. Quality is pretty decent, fits well with Alden, Carmina and AE.
For chukka, is it leather or rubber soled? how many eyelets?
Question to gentleman who love both epaulet and gustin pants, Can you please compare sizing for pants from both vendors? I typically wear 30 walt, rivet and wilshire jean. How is the rise on gustin Slim fit denim? I can't strand low rise jean and rise on epaulet wilshire is perfect to me. Thanks in advance!
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