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I totally agree with you.However personally, I will wait until I get my first CS field boots before I jump on another one. Sometimes beautiful things fit me weirdly lol. .....
Indeed, Dalki knows best.
Can anyone proxy the watch for the neighbour up north? Tried to order the vans but Nepenthes NY doesn't ship to Canada.
Actually, Bedford plus shawl cardigan is my favorite layering for fall imo.
Pulling is one thing and also it seems like too much things are going on especially when both shawl and cardigan are heavy weighted materials.
Love this option but I would be also in for option 2. Can you give us details on last, sole and size range?
Wow, this is beautiful boots. jokb, if you are planning GMTO with this spec, please count me in.
Definitely Chester coat is the winner for my fw16 outer purchase.
Looking for EG interliner. Will consider all kinds of fabric. Send me a pm!
I am selling Special edition Moncler R jacket. I purchased jacket from Roden Gray on December 2012 Size 1 and wore jacket about 10 times. Fits bigger than average Moncler Jacket so it would be best for 38 chest. Original retail price was $2148.00 and I bought it with 50% discount. asking $600 CAD. PM me for any questions, actual item pics etc.
New Posts  All Forums: