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I am in for burgundy shell strand. Please put my name on the list too !
I am pretty sure, some cleaver gentleman will come up with way to increase longevity of sole. Team Cigar.
Actually I am totally in for this design too. Any shade of brown or burgundy. So we need 3 more?
I hate the design. It is missing the taste of oroginal filson. Just my opinion. I went with navy rucksack and will get it within this week.
Maybe I am late to the party. But I like last one too lol.I want to expend my shoes territory into Carmina now.Can anyone educate me size comparison between Carmina lasts?I wear 6.5D in Alden Barrie and 7D in AE 5 last.Thanks in advance.
Me tooooooo!
This issue observed by several other ppl includes myself. New filson with different tag has lower quality. But dont get me wrong, I love my filson bags either with old tag or new tag.I will buy filson again and again until I find good substitute (almost impossible) which I can take from camp site to board room meeting.
Just want to report more than generous treatment from Epaulet for small defects on product. Mike and Adele, you just won life time customer. Your customer service tops every other customer service I received from any other clothing shop! Now please start to carry Alden on 6.5D or more pre-order on unique make up! Thank you very much.
My monthly package (!) from Epaulet is here. I am glad that Epaulet does not carry Alden for my size.
Lol this is funny because I had same feeling and I thought I was being too sf minded. I had brown brief and small duffle for about 4 years. I went to retailer to pick up new set of brief and duffle in navy but finish in new filson was not even close to old one. So I ended up not buying new bag. Glad I am not crazy
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