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I wore mine yesterday with chino and ocbd to office.
Steel, I am leaning toward charcoal charcoal too. I guess it will be warm enough for T.O. winter. Let's schedule awkward encounter.
I picked up this cardigan about 1.5 years ago from indigo and cotton
First of all, ty GOP Shoe Guy for sharing.I am also thinking to hop on the wagon. I want to use boots as winter dress shoes for business casual environment (slacks+dress shirts). I wear alden #8 captoe with commando sole to work very often. I like GOP's spec except colour (thinking darker shade of brown, no burnish). Can anyone enlight me if boots is good choice for purposed usage?
Good looking coat. But price is disgusting. I believe I can do better at 1k price point (retail + HST). Maybe i will kop @ 50%
Can anyone pm me Allison's email or ext. number? I can't find it by searching. Thanks cincikid and mdubs!
I usually take small for all brand and bedford in smallfits me well. Shoulder might be bit tight to some ppl
Thinking of getting Indy boots in #8 on tubulance last. Does anyone wear or have picture of cordovan indy with dress pants? Could not find any picture with search in SF and google. I work at business causal (slacks and shirts) environment and I often wear 403 indy with chino on friday/weekend to work. Cordovan Indy would be too casual for dress pants? Thanks in advance!
Anyone wanna place order for me 7 D for all 3 colours? I will pay generous proxy fee to Canada, if they don't cancel order.
Price Drop to 100!
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