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Managed to get leather bomber! Hopefully it is warm enough for Toronto winter!
I was daydreaming of epaulet cigar cordovan slip on..... someday.. maybe!
Also got invoice! I was hoping for delivery before holiday season so I can take them to vacation!
I am in for burgundy shell strand. Please put my name on the list too !
I am pretty sure, some cleaver gentleman will come up with way to increase longevity of sole. Team Cigar.
Actually I am totally in for this design too. Any shade of brown or burgundy. So we need 3 more?
I hate the design. It is missing the taste of oroginal filson. Just my opinion. I went with navy rucksack and will get it within this week.
Maybe I am late to the party. But I like last one too lol.I want to expend my shoes territory into Carmina now.Can anyone educate me size comparison between Carmina lasts?I wear 6.5D in Alden Barrie and 7D in AE 5 last.Thanks in advance.
Me tooooooo!
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