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Mike, Can you offer sneaker mto more often with extend size range? I really enjoy sport trainer even if it is 1 size bigger than my size. But now, I really want to get one with my normal size.
1+I believe, Hamilton Jazz Master is good bet within your price range.
Totally in for this makeup! Great suggestion rydenfan!
Sizing question for Buttero sneaker, I wear 7D TTS and 6.5D Alden barrie. What would be good size for Buttero? Thx in advance!
I am interested in 5 eyelets chukka. I am ok with either leather or danite sole. I will confirm after contact with Steve for pricing.
Managed to get leather bomber! Hopefully it is warm enough for Toronto winter!
I was daydreaming of epaulet cigar cordovan slip on..... someday.. maybe!
Also got invoice! I was hoping for delivery before holiday season so I can take them to vacation!
I am in for burgundy shell strand. Please put my name on the list too !
New Posts  All Forums: