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Hmmmm I totally forgot about this pre-order.. Mike any updates on alt wien #8 cordovan boots?
Those CS suede boots are real nice. So sad to see no 6uk in stock. Anyone up for GMTO suede field or chelsea boots? Ofc... after we receive first Calway boots GMTO..
Very pleasing design. Do you have a plan to add 6.5D for guys with small feet :
Well said. That's exactly how I feel for most of EG accessories
Cotton Dockers! Thx!CScoHammers7! Thx as always!
I am planning to order wool ring coat from through Zen market. Can anyone comment on sizing for the coat? For the reference, I am taking small in all engineered garments top and 36 in suit sizing. Thanks in advance!
Can anyone comment on Ground and Fatigue pants sizing this season? Are they TTS or a size bigger like SS16?
I was thinking about all suede CS field boots as well! However, I have decided to hold off until I get Suede/Grain combo early next year... I am pretty sure, many are in same boat as me!
I totally agree with you.However personally, I will wait until I get my first CS field boots before I jump on another one. Sometimes beautiful things fit me weirdly lol. .....
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