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I love mine and considering to get another one as back up
Love this version of indy!Mike, can you please include this indy in next round of Alden pre-order?!
TYVM for the suggestions !
Hi guys, I have couple of questions on RRL sizing. For pants, I have a pair of selvedge officer chino in 28 (true 30) and it fits well. Is it safe to go same size on other chino and jeans? For shirts, I usually take small in other shirts brand (Gitman, Engineered garments etc.). Do I need to size down for RRL shrits? Thanks in advance!
Hey Gary, Do you have picture of these two shawls? F5H08103 / Button Shawl / Multi Color Block Herringbone F5H0887 / Button Shawl / Dark Grey Pattern Block Herringbone Thanks in advance!
Can we please have extended size pre-order for combat boots/PTB?
Willing to sell instead of trading?
Mike, What about off-white trainer? Will it be part of tomorrow's pre-order too?
For me, Brooks Brothers is main source for shoe trees. http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Cedar-Tree-with-Brass-Knob/438H,default,pd.html?dwvar_438H_Color=NATL&contentpos=8&cgid=0522 Last time I bought few weeks ago, it was marked $38 CAD, but could talk out for $33 CAD per pair with my SA.(2014 price). If you apply corporate discount of 30% on $38 during the event, it is $30.05 CAD. Quality is pretty decent, fits well with Alden, Carmina and AE.
For chukka, is it leather or rubber soled? how many eyelets?
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