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Currently doing a dual degree (BBA/BCS). I find it quite helpful for myself. It allowed me to blend together two fields I quite like, and will open many doors for me in the future. Its certainly something I haven't regretted doing. IMO, a minor isn't worth all that much, and an extra year of college life is not the worst thing in the world either.
Like clark said, lurk WAYWT, find some styles you like, check out the brands theyre wearing, and then go from there. If you arent sure about a certain piece, try asking about it in the Ask a Question, Get an answer thread, or post it in the Ultimate noob thread. Also, I really dislike those shoes you posted.
Picked up a pair of the terry cotton shorts for $19 + student discount. Feels nice, and quite a bit cheaper then the W+H one. Also, they have quite a few madras shirts down to $39. I also saw a blazer I had picked up about a month ago that was now $99, down from the $150 I got it at... Thats life I suppose.
just tuck it in. If you find its too boxy get the back of the shirt darted as well. In regards to the buttons being in the wrong spot, thats probably because you're is cutting a few inches off the bottom, so it screws the proportions up. Thats something you'll just have to deal with I suppose. You could always try a different tailor. Also get different jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by SirGrotius Kind of dig it. It's a little awkward forcing some of those circles, e.g., the difference between a "client" and "friend" and sometimes I don't want to admit I'm related to someone!! Also they don't know what circle you put them in. So that creepy cousin that no one really likes, you can put them in a different circle, and keep them out of the family one, and they're none the wiser. All they see is that...
Quote: Originally Posted by zarathustra Anyone have an invite they care to share? You can PM me your email as well!
Quote: Originally Posted by Galix Hi gentlemen! I've been hearing a lot lately about Google + and I'm curious. Does anyone have an extra invitation I can use? Thanks! PM me your email and I'll shoot ya an invite.
As a current intern working for a major transportation company, I can say that Im rather underutilized. The majority of stuff I've done is basic clerical stuff, shredding, and working on turning their library files into PDFs (sitting at a scanner all day) Like what was mentioned before, throw em to the wolves to start, after a couple weeks the ones who can't handle it can be assigned to more clerical things, and the ones who can actually handle it can continue...
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius ...and what size to you wear in regular pants, 30 as well? Yep.
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