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This is gauche (I know), but I happen to be selling a Model M on eBay. Click the link in my signature. With that out of the way, I can weight in on the thread topic. These keyboards rule. I originally purchased mine to do webdev / appdev stuff. It was amazing. The action is very very comfortable, and the keyboard itself is in a U shape (Numbers and ZXCV row are higher than the rows in between). I had to make the touch decision to sell only because I can't talk...
Our store is very close to top rated seller, and I need to push these through the pipe. As such, they are only up for USA sale, but if any SF member abroad wants something here, just ask me for a shipping quote. Shoes Apolis Activism Pink LS Dress shirt 16 L - NR Allen Edmonds Chester Wingtip 13D Allen Edmonds Woodstock Loafers 13 D Florsheim Imperial Burgundy Kiltie Loafers Tassel 10.5 Johnston & Murphy Black Loafers 9.5 M Johnston & Murphy Burgundy Loafers 11 W Land's...
My GF has experimented with putting cooked beans into a yogurt shake. The dairy and the beans make a complete protein. You can make them taste sweet if you add fruit, or you can go the direction of a Chinese bean bun. They are surprisingly good, and they are nearly free.
Sorry to double post, but this is applicable to other non-USA shipments as well. You can contact your customs department and ask the level at which they charge different customs rates. Australia and Russia have certain thresholds, below which no import tax is charged. Other countries have bracketed systems. The only risk to declaring a lesser value is that it is often the insured value as well. If the package is lost or stolen, this is the amount that would be...
Shipping to Canada is often the worst. Fedex charges a brokerage fee up front to the sender (most often), and UPS charges one to the receiver upon delivery. The best option is USPS. Declare a low value, and have it sent as a gift. If the person you are buying from won't do it, they are dog balls.
He was my favorite Jackass. I am so bummed.
You can put a hold on your mail at the USPS. Just do that until he has a new address, then he can have someone mail all of his mail to him. Or, he can get a PO box where he eventually will end up, and have his mail send there now.
Just saw Jon Benjamin Has a Van. Super funny. I can't wait until the 2nd ep premieres tonight. Parks and Rec is my favorite show right now. It is hilarious, and it has lots of heart. I am mowing through The Larry Sanders Show. So good. Arrested Development was great, but not as great as I thought it would be (I came super late to this party). ----- Anyone here been keeping up on the new Farrell office?
I was walking with and ex-gf at a county fair, and she pointed out a dude that had raped her. He didn't know me from any other random stranger so I am sure he was surprised when I kicked the absolute shit out him. Was it moral? Gray area, probably no. Do I regret it? Nope.
Have been: SF, LA, TJ, LV, DC Want to go: Tokyo and also some very N and very S places in Japan, Scotland, Portland, Sydney, NZ
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