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I can't speak for the others, but the Grensons do not. I typically wear a 10E and the 10D Adelaides are uncomfortably narrow for anything longer than an hour our two. Once I'm back from vacation I'm going to take then to a cobbler to try to stretch them out.
You are correct. I wore the spectators for the first time this morning to brunch with some friends, and when I first put them on the toe box was uncomfortably tight. It did stretch out over the course of the meal and was tolerable for the rest of the time I had them on, but still narrow. I plan on wearing them one more time and if they're still snug I'll take them to a cobbler to be stretched.However, both the waitress in the restaurant and three people on the street...
10E, normally. I bought the 10D spectators (only things I saw in my size by the time I checked out the website; don't know if there was more earlier), but haven't had a chance to try them on for fit yet due to family visiting. I'm praying they're not too narrow, because then I'll have to take a page from Cinderella's stepsisters....
I thought that about almost every shoe in that sale.
LOL - one of the models is an intern in my office.
I pulled the trigger on the Adelaide spectators and can't wait to get them....and then have to explain to my girlfriend why I just bought another pair of shoes. EDIT: I'm really lucky that all of the other shoes weren't in my size.
Is it true that Grenson Masterpieces tend to run narrow? I'm lusting after the spectators, but I'm afraid that the toe area will be too tight if so since I tend to wear 10Es more often than 10Ds.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou I'm glad you all are enjoying your belts and keychains Here's card case 01 with a little cash pocket on back... [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/AWbdH.jpg[IMG] I think that's my case in those pictures, or if not it's identical to the one I received today. I love it. Super-fast turnaround, and zissou could not have been nicer or more responsive during the whole process. Highly recommended.
Here's my experience: I placed my order on 5/27 for brown Fifth Avenues and walnut Strands. I sent allaboutshoes a PM to check on the status on 6/10 and received a prompt reply letting me know that the Strands were in and he was still waiting for the Fifth Avenues, but he could go ahead and ship the Strands now if I was impatient. 6/14 he sent me the USPS tracking number, and the package was waiting for me when I got home from work today: Two pairs of shoes in...
...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand post #2.
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