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Quote: Originally Posted by *wally* [ Wow, what a beautiful color!
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira More sizes available
Quote: Originally Posted by eckblk I think some are say Raccagni and some just say RY- I'm not sure. It's the same company. RY is also known as Raccagni.
I guess it depends on the person wearing the shoes. In my opinion they are comfortable enough to walk considerable distance in.
^ Is the gallery needed? Some pictures are bad, at least quality-wise. I have mixed feelings about this one. TOJ HOF?
Quote: Originally Posted by ike_hiking_boots Quote: Cutter Light Blue & Grey Dip Dye Shoes Paul Smith - Cutter, mens full Oxford brogues in washed, dip dyed blue and grey leather giving them a washed, used appearance. The shoes feature a slim rounded toe, stacked wooden heel, printed leather insole and Paul Smith "˜Love"˜ anchor embossed leather sole - Made in Italy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kagemusha It's not weird at all, James Bond is an Omega man now... What's he going to do, turn down the movie role and Omega advertising because of his Rolex collection? QFT. Why do so many people keep forgetting this simple fact? There is a difference between Daniel Craig and James Bond.
Quote: Originally Posted by gettoasty good 1 SVB & everything looks good tween click for detail shot [[SPOILER]] pants bunching up too much in the back =\\ (was sitting all day). Please no gym shoes. They ruin everything.
Quote: Originally Posted by notwithit Not sure whether I like those tucked. They just seem a little short for it. I wouldn't consider it in this case. Jeans tucked into boots is overrated.
Quote: Originally Posted by reezy They won't be curved as you wear em. This thread need more pictures. Please show me a picture from the back angle.
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