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Do not take tea tree oil it will turn you into a bitch by messing up your hormones Take lemon in the mornings with warm water it will destroy oily skin Wash your face with yoghurt and honey something to do with acidity
Hydration is the key and by far the best supplement is silica by MILES The best food for skin is broth and chicken with the skin on for the glycine
Gordon I agree HIIT is the way to go and by far the most important thing you can is the correct balance of protein fats and carbs dont go on any stupid diet Not too many situps as it has a negative impact on your nervous system
Nobody nut I have a lot of experience
An iPad & Leather Journal
Black & Yellow
Sourdough loaf with hummus and lettuce and lemon
Jogging for the first time again in almost 6 years
Used to go out every friday and saturday sometimes sunday mornings and afternoons to get rid of saturdays hangover over breakfast realized I was wasting valuable time I could be spending with family and on my business boring I know but to afford my lifestyle Ive got to work that little bit harder than average folk
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