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Used to drink them until I learned that when you remove and isolate amino acids they cause serious imbalances in your body so milk and meat is the way to go for protein. They have the tryptophan removed which results in long term lowered brain chemicals Wait a few years you will see many many ill people who have been using protein regularly
If you take Kava it is very very important to take some type of liver support supplement this stuff will seriously mess up your liver I used to drink and I learnt the hard way Although it seriously relaxes you if you need kava you may require support for your anxiety which is often low serotonin due to excess sugar and caffeine cut these down mood should correct itself
It doesnt matter what India does with the corruption at every level it will not even make a dent in the problems they have yet to face the growth is an illusion and a result of population growth India is a very broken country with nobody to fix it Dont believe the hype
Do not take tea tree oil it will turn you into a bitch by messing up your hormones Take lemon in the mornings with warm water it will destroy oily skin Wash your face with yoghurt and honey something to do with acidity
Hydration is the key and by far the best supplement is silica by MILES The best food for skin is broth and chicken with the skin on for the glycine
Gordon I agree HIIT is the way to go and by far the most important thing you can is the correct balance of protein fats and carbs dont go on any stupid diet Not too many situps as it has a negative impact on your nervous system
Nobody nut I have a lot of experience
An iPad & Leather Journal
Black & Yellow
Sourdough loaf with hummus and lettuce and lemon
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