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99% of vitamins are BS however you can get a brand called DR Christopher which is very very high quality as are Healthforce nutritionals if in Europe the best you will get are pukka herbs Another vitmain company I was surprised about were carlson labs although often seen as cheap they bloody work
Constant hunger is a sign of hypoglycemia and you may have stomach issues whereby years of the wrong food combination have played havoc with your gut Take L-Glutamine in water upon waking and you wont feel hungry constantly
Drinking more just dilutes minerals out of your blood the chinese know about this stuff just do some research and the answers to the water debate will blow you out of the water.
Be very careful there is an eter drinking enzyme that some people dont have and if you lack it and drink Kava it totally f's up your liver how do I know I got sick after 1 cup On the other hand if it agrees with you it annihalates stress and anxiety
Phhhaaat Royace Da 5'9" track
Its all BS everyones requirements vary depending on energy expended and height weight and diet just drink until your body tells you to stop and the eight a day is far above what healthy kidneys can process
The reality he sees can only be seen with the documented evidence written by sages and seers from the last few centuries he is certainly gifted but what he sees everyone will see as he mentioned in his video it will take a few centuries but I see it happening
This man is smart but yes I agree there is a hint of bitterness probably to do with recognition
Check this out loving it
Just getting back into Atlas Shrugged
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