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Check pubmed for scientific studies pre 1980s regarding water and you will see just how much water our kidneys can process remineralisation is the important factor and not loading your body with excess waater
Holy basil is planted in almost every single house in north india and is often used fro a wide range of treatments they have used it for thousands of years its use was first documented in ancient scriptures and it cures many ailments that is testing enough for me and the fact that after I take it anxiety is destroyed within an hour Amazon is probably the best place to get and Carlson labs brand although cheap is the best I have ever tried
Dud you must be rich
Dude Im lost and just walked into an internet cafe and found this forum I live near you could you just wire me some airline fare so I can get home I promise I will pay you once I get home
WTF maybe the dude doesnt like asian girls give him a break just send them my way dude
You maybe lacking essential minerals check online I remeber reading something about this a little whiole ago gooogle is your friend as am I if Im right
Threads that are asking me what is pissing me off therefore reminding me of whats pissing me off and then pissing me off even more in the process when I have come online to avoid reading things that are getting me away from the things that are pissing me off
Its all the red meat undigested in their colons
There is some chemical in the white flood brand of pre workout supplement that is supposed to help with creatine uptake maybe worth looking at as it is supposed to complement creatine
Check blood sugar major cause of anxiety and Carlson Labs Holy Basil will destroy anxiety within a week but take with a sweet low carb drink as it does tend to lower blood sugar slightly it is the best cure you will find I bought thousands of dollars worth of supplements before I discovered it
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