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Integrity is a huge factor in business success although the payoffs are cumulative and take a while to reach full fruition
I would say after to use up fat in the body
A very important point to make so you dont F up your kidneys and liver is adequate hydration with things like creatine although the kidneys can only filter a fixed amount of water a day you really want to keep usage to a minimum
Just started the tudors very interesting take on the old british royals and with loads of sex and violence thrown in for good measure
Apple cider vinegar very very good for this circulation very important as well as garlic and vitamin e that along with lowered high GI foods should prettty much reverse it in a few months also cut down on heavy protein if your going to consume it make you hydrate with low mineralised water islkar would be a good one for the kidneys
Before you do any of that get your hormones checked there are various chemicals related to testosterone that cause this and some inexpensive remedies
I have just discovered HUMUS gods gift to human kind if you ask me
Nice to hear your recovering keep us updated on what else worked for you
Check pubmed for scientific studies pre 1980s regarding water and you will see just how much water our kidneys can process remineralisation is the important factor and not loading your body with excess waater
Holy basil is planted in almost every single house in north india and is often used fro a wide range of treatments they have used it for thousands of years its use was first documented in ancient scriptures and it cures many ailments that is testing enough for me and the fact that after I take it anxiety is destroyed within an hour Amazon is probably the best place to get and Carlson labs brand although cheap is the best I have ever tried
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