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Radiohead reckoning the best song ever period
Can I sense i little fishing going on here while your at it post your facebook details and credit card numbers that would be a lot more helpful
Failing at school and being bankrupt were the best two tragedies that could have ever happened they actually turned me into a some what more able business man
Labs series for men
Sorry I meant swanson my mistake this is probably the best purchase you will have ever made
Rajastan in India Jaipur in particular
I have just heard a song by Radiohead called Reckoner I cant believe I missed this song It is the most meaningful tune I have ever heard EVER
For all of you eggheads there is an awful lot of symbology in this program from the deal with the devil like faust and the name gretchen who faust tries to save if you understand this breaking bad will make A LOT MORE SENSE
Kanye is one of those artists that needs to be liked he has reached stardom, spent money had the bling and realised he is still empty inside what this man doen not understand is you get what you give and love is a very special thing that cant be bought no matter how wealthy you are
use the money to build a business the returns are greater
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