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Lilyhammer starring Steven Van Zandt is an excellent show and the way he carries himself off in his mob attire amongst some rather boringly dressed people is hilarious to say the least give it a blast you will not be dissapointed.
The most important concept to grasp in online fashion is season and stock where I have seen many people go wrong is they end up with loads of dead stock after underestimating the demand and under stock can be an issue if your lucky. That said now is the time to enter online fashion however to compete you really must make sure you have a ready market this forum for instance. Initial research will trump design etc you can tweak these later however you can start an online...
Where can I buy one
Being is charge is the easy part dealing with the hate is going to be the hard part grow some big balls and be prepared to have them broken by some of your older more jealous colleagues Oh yes and never forget to always have an exit strategy as you will get bored if you are truly ambitious
What you need to realize about the online world is people who buy high end clothing are being turned slowly towards the web but having an offline prescence is essential especially for the high end market Another factor you must take into consideration is stock turnaround and making sure you can shift the numbers before the season runs out as with online selling where most people fail is inventory control Take care of this and the rest is gravy
Mybreaking point came when I imagined myself as a fat 60 year old who has done nothing but spent decades of my life living like a drone and watched television being told what to do especially with the size of the world the way it is I was bored with the same conversations about television brain dead media and lack of excitement in the corporate sector I would rather be broke than be someone elses bitch for 40 years I failed again and again and built up such knowledge...
This is a very unwise move at the moment especially with the way the UK media is cutting back huge amounts of jobs. The USA is where most media workers are relocating to especially LA With the salary to expenditure ratio closing all of the time you would probably have to take extra hours from the get go just to survive as I take it you would want to live in a half decent area Us people in the UK know what a ****hole London is and it is certainly not a wise move
Good stuff will donate
YOu can out source phtoshop stuff cheaply these days analytics is very very good to have in the near future just use online notes google it you will find loads of courses and textbooks and advice
I try to buy signed first editions I have one or two just really starting out any advice from the experienced on here
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