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At 6'7"I ended up getting a tie from Sam Hober, and ended up getting one 75" long to be long enough. I have a 19.5" neck and RTW x-long are still way to short, I was tying the knot entirely with the back blade and it made tiny knots.
Dillards has a pretty good selection, as does JCPenney.
Just got my Dark Blue Grenadine Garza Fina and it is amazing, as everyone has pointed out. But for me the big deciding factor to pull the trigger was that David could make a tie long enough for me. I am 6'7" and have a 19" neck, I needed about a 77" tie. Does anyone have a Diamond Weave tie they want to show off?
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou About 47-48" to the middle hole. Crud, I probably am 50-51.
Zissou, what is the longest you can make the belts?
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