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Great to know, thank you.
Any idea whether these alden shell are #8?
Rarely post due to time and obvious photography constraints, but I couldn't miss sharing these. Lobb Newland, 7e. Top 3 find in my five years of doing this. N/A. I'll post some more photos once Brian takes some worth sharing.
If hashtagmenswear is anyone here, please shoot me a PM
Given your experience is so clearly greater than mine in this area, I'm sure you're probably correct. That said, owning two pieces with design trends characteristic of Ford by no means implies he was at either company during their production. Gucci and YSL make Ford inspired pieces to this day.I was under the impression that Zegna changed to that tag in 07, but I would be happy to be proven wrong if anyone else has any more information.
FYI that Zegna label didn't begin until after Ford left. His legacy, sure, but not his direct work.
NYC brethren - please keep a look out for the pants to this amazing Domenico Vacca by Attolini orphan. It would be a pity to miss reuniting a piece like this.
Harrod's are AS, and have been sitting on the Bay for a long time. Thrifted an identical pair in London a few years back. Good pick up if tassles are your thing.
I think he left in 04 - was just curious as I've never seen the season displayed like that. Was hoping it was an offshoot of their runway collection or such...
I've handled a few Gucci piece of this vintage, but this is the first time I've across across this - any thoughts? It has the normal Zegna tags in the other pocket and is on par with Su Misura quality.
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