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Can anyone (Wes?) help identify the maker/size of these shells? I'm guessing one of the lesser known American companies (Barrie came to mind but I don't think that's right). [[SPOILER]]
Spent a pretty penny on these, but they look to have been worn once or twice (unfortunately with rough insoles). I believe this is the 180 last. Available for trades and such. [[SPOILER]]
That makes sense - the Made in Italy text on the collar is the same font as the Corneliani jackets I've found. Thanks.
On a very well constructed blazer that has the cucito por, etc standard Italian form in the other pocket - any insight? Attolini wishful thinking?
One store and 140 dollars later...The Zilli is an orphan, but is current/quality. I also grabbed a current Corneliani navy orphan, NWOT nudie denims, and 5 NWT deadstock J Press shirts. I left a number of Zilli trou/Versace suit orphans. If any of the Miami guys have time to make it out before 6 pm this week, please shoot me a PM. I would love to reunite some beautiful pieces.
Thrifted myself a premium package the dealer wasn't aware of on a 325i last week . Second day out in Miami. Yet to move into my place so no photos, but popped a few cherries. RLPL cashmere, NWT PRL Corn and BB 1818, MTM staple navy blazer that fits (third time finding a decent cut 38s in four years of doing this), and a cash/vicuna blend navy topcoat. Had to leave a number of things due to limited cash and storage - local guys PM me.
Ha I actually just left Chicago, albeit the suburbs. Still grabbed the occasional Kiton and Brioni out there though. Do a loop of the NW suburbs every so often if you have access to a car.
Arny's and Tom Ford at my first stop in Miami. Fairly certain Arny's contracted their bespoke work to the C. Siciot listed below. Anyone familiar? Beyond the humidity, I think I'll enjoy living here. Big thanks to Brian for making consigning a breeze. Highly recommend him if you don't care to deal with the business yourself. Expect a few boxes of Miami goods soon.
SWD finds in Cleveland of all places. If any Cleveland guys recognize the tag, you're not doing SW right. If you don't, message me to make a bunch of money on Ebay. All are my size, Gitman Vintages are available for trade. CM finds from NJ and Chicago to come. Apologies if the photos aren't oriented properly, still working out this mobile post thing. Opening Ceremony classic loafer Wings and Horn shacket
Any Cleveland guys that enjoy SWD - shoot me a PM. Left a fair bit in my brief stay here.
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