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I think he left in 04 - was just curious as I've never seen the season displayed like that. Was hoping it was an offshoot of their runway collection or such...
I've handled a few Gucci piece of this vintage, but this is the first time I've across across this - any thoughts? It has the normal Zegna tags in the other pocket and is on par with Su Misura quality.
Fairly certain Brooks English is Cheaney
Rarely post given that everything gets immediately boxed up for Brian and photography isn't my thing, but I thought this was too good to pass up: NWT Saint Andrews cashmere, $7. Fully basted, buttons and thread in pocket.
Brooks English is Cheaney
I know Tom Ford left Gucci in 2004 - can anyone date the Zegna tag on this Gucci tux? Unfortunately looks current to me... Edit: does SG12 on the bottom left mean 2012?
Can anyone (Wes?) help identify the maker/size of these shells? I'm guessing one of the lesser known American companies (Barrie came to mind but I don't think that's right). [[SPOILER]]
Spent a pretty penny on these, but they look to have been worn once or twice (unfortunately with rough insoles). I believe this is the 180 last. Available for trades and such. [[SPOILER]]
That makes sense - the Made in Italy text on the collar is the same font as the Corneliani jackets I've found. Thanks.
On a very well constructed blazer that has the cucito por, etc standard Italian form in the other pocket - any insight? Attolini wishful thinking?
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