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Fairly certain Brooks English is Cheaney
Rarely post given that everything gets immediately boxed up for Brian and photography isn't my thing, but I thought this was too good to pass up: NWT Saint Andrews cashmere, $7. Fully basted, buttons and thread in pocket.
Brooks English is Cheaney
I know Tom Ford left Gucci in 2004 - can anyone date the Zegna tag on this Gucci tux? Unfortunately looks current to me... Edit: does SG12 on the bottom left mean 2012?
Can anyone (Wes?) help identify the maker/size of these shells? I'm guessing one of the lesser known American companies (Barrie came to mind but I don't think that's right). [[SPOILER]]
Spent a pretty penny on these, but they look to have been worn once or twice (unfortunately with rough insoles). I believe this is the 180 last. Available for trades and such. [[SPOILER]]
That makes sense - the Made in Italy text on the collar is the same font as the Corneliani jackets I've found. Thanks.
On a very well constructed blazer that has the cucito por, etc standard Italian form in the other pocket - any insight? Attolini wishful thinking?
One store and 140 dollars later...The Zilli is an orphan, but is current/quality. I also grabbed a current Corneliani navy orphan, NWOT nudie denims, and 5 NWT deadstock J Press shirts. I left a number of Zilli trou/Versace suit orphans. If any of the Miami guys have time to make it out before 6 pm this week, please shoot me a PM. I would love to reunite some beautiful pieces.
Thrifted myself a premium package the dealer wasn't aware of on a 325i last week . Second day out in Miami. Yet to move into my place so no photos, but popped a few cherries. RLPL cashmere, NWT PRL Corn and BB 1818, MTM staple navy blazer that fits (third time finding a decent cut 38s in four years of doing this), and a cash/vicuna blend navy topcoat. Had to leave a number of things due to limited cash and storage - local guys PM me.
New Posts  All Forums: