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Thrifted myself a premium package the dealer wasn't aware of on a 325i last week . Second day out in Miami. Yet to move into my place so no photos, but popped a few cherries. RLPL cashmere, NWT PRL Corn and BB 1818, MTM staple navy blazer that fits (third time finding a decent cut 38s in four years of doing this), and a cash/vicuna blend navy topcoat. Had to leave a number of things due to limited cash and storage - local guys PM me.
Ha I actually just left Chicago, albeit the suburbs. Still grabbed the occasional Kiton and Brioni out there though. Do a loop of the NW suburbs every so often if you have access to a car.
Arny's and Tom Ford at my first stop in Miami. Fairly certain Arny's contracted their bespoke work to the C. Siciot listed below. Anyone familiar? Beyond the humidity, I think I'll enjoy living here. Big thanks to Brian for making consigning a breeze. Highly recommend him if you don't care to deal with the business yourself. Expect a few boxes of Miami goods soon.
SWD finds in Cleveland of all places. If any Cleveland guys recognize the tag, you're not doing SW right. If you don't, message me to make a bunch of money on Ebay. All are my size, Gitman Vintages are available for trade. CM finds from NJ and Chicago to come. Apologies if the photos aren't oriented properly, still working out this mobile post thing. Opening Ceremony classic loafer Wings and Horn shacket
Any Cleveland guys that enjoy SWD - shoot me a PM. Left a fair bit in my brief stay here.
Anyone regularly hit the goodwill in Ocean Township, NJ. I have ten bucks of store credit I'll never use that I would be happy to pass along. Found a staple navy 36R Hickey suit at the store that's tentatively available as well. Nice slim cut, bummer the line didn't work out.
Did Allen Edmonds get new foot beds/do people fake AE? A buddy picked these up off the Bay, and the leather quality seems sub par. The sizing stamp is also on the tongue, which I've never seen before. I appreciate the insight. http://www.ebay.com/itm/231190550367?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
Larger guys, get at me - Billy Reid Wharf Coat size XL at one of the trade in shops yesterday. Moving to Miami in three months or I would be more upset that this isn't a small... [[SPOILER]] NWT RG Baseball Collection - first Limited Edition RG I've found
Few quick stops in the north Boston area while recovering from Cancun...Everything is available for tradeCastle bespoke. The Internet tells me they recently moved to the Row, though this piece appears to be before that. More handwork (or at least more overt handwork) than I've noticed on the two Huntsman pieces I've handled. 40-42S ish [[SPOILER]] Barbera is unlined wool. One of my favorite tie finds.Bit disappointed to see that Zegna now makes all of their shirting lines...
Thanks Steve. I called ebay and spoke to a dispute rep who agreed that I accurately represented the color and "made a note" that the case is likely buyer's remorse last night. This morning, the case was settled in his favor...It's not the financial lose that bothers me, as I'll get as much or more from a new sale, but the attitude ebay empowers buyers to treat sellers with. Regardless, should have listened to the vets here...
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