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I think the first few should be solids: White dress shirt (french cuffs) White dress shirt (single button) Light blue dress shirt (either cuff) Pink, lavender, pale green, or ecru dress shirt (I think some kind of color, whatever it turns up being, is essential...)
Ones in which a flamboyant wardrobe goes up for sale all at once on B&S...
Gauging interest here: I re-found a beautiful, summery RLPL suit at the thrift store down the street from my office. It's 43R/37W, mid-grey with a smallish white windowpane pattern. It has working buttons on the sleeves, the jacket is two button, and there's a ticket pocket. If this were in my size, I would have purchased it weeks ago. If there's enough interest, I'll pick it up, do proper measurements & c.; I'm a 36R (sometimes a 36S), and would be delighted to...
I think I need to rob a couple banks and a fried chicken joint, so I can afford and fit into this swag.
Quote: Originally Posted by cioni2k I've picked up all my Size 48 (US32) Mabitex in varying fit/styles at the 34th store. The one on Madison had absolutely garbage (Purple, weird sizes, small selection, etc.) It was you! *shakes fist*
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr_Incognito My Cousin has just graduated from college in Canada with a Business Diploma, he is very keen on starting his own business from his college savings. I would really appreciate if you could suggest some ideas for him to look into. Thanks. Honestly? Since he doesn't know what business he wants to get into, I'd say a skilled trade (e.g. electrician, plumber, handyman). He'll have to get his hands dirty...
I'm thinking I should do this for June, after dropping a couple Gs to fix/expand my wardrobe. July, however, I think I'll be ready to go somewhere (TBD, going to lurk & read), and start getting a charcoal staple suit tailored, possibly in time for fall.
PSA: There are a ton at the Herald Square location, and quite a few at the Elmhurst location. If your waist is a 34 or larger, you could easily walk out with an armload of new pants. They're being priced at roughly $30 for cotton & cotton/linen blends, $20 for linen, with a few more unusual pairs at $35. Unfortunately, they have almost no 32/EUR48s anywhere I've looked (Except for white and pink linen, the former being translucent)
I inadvertently discovered that boys' RL polos fit me better than the adult variety. A small custom fit was decent around the chest, but left 3-4 inches too much at the bottom. I tried on a boys' 12-14 in a thrift store, and found it was marginally more snug than an adult S in the chest, and the bottom actually looks good untucked. YMMV.
Finished my raid today. Besides a few streetwear items, I got: - A 40R Corneliani SC, wool/silk blend, in a nice dark brown color - Another 39R Bill Blass jacket, in a diff. color (I'm trying to decide if it's charcoal or black; it has a very faint blue pinstripe) - A black and grey Southwick houndstooth tweed SC -- and this one actually fits me! - A 15.5 slim-fit white BB shirt, that I'll have to take the sleeves in on - A peach pocket square that, to my surprise,...
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