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Posts by Hornswaggler From the article: "...Sales of such shirts have had such an uptick that Eric Jennings, the men's fashion director of Saks Fifth Avenue, found himself needing a way to describe them. Some 80 years ago, such garments were called sport shirts. Today that term is most likely to apply to polo shirts. As Mr. Jennings and this writer have found, the shirts are not easy to classify." Also, here's an example of an RLPL...
Made a quick stop at my by the pound place over lunch. The MC was generally pretty weak, but I did pull down another pound and a half of ties (a really nice Charles Tyrwhitt that was NWOT, a couple BB repp ties, a Christian Dior that was pretty solid, a couple others I'm not remembering now that were nonetheless worthwhile), a pair of BR cotton pants that are likely to fit pretty well, and a pair of 7 of All Mankind jeans in my girlfriend's size. Not bad for 20...
Edit: PMed on #9
What's the pit-to-pit on the western shirt?
Besides what Piob has said, it might be worth seeing if you can score more paid vacation in some kind of graduated manner.
bmf895 is a great seller -- after we realized we both live in the same city, he actually hand-delivered the item I purchased, on a day when the trains were messed up. Edit: Also, it fits!
Quote: Originally Posted by mylesmyles I ran The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 miler in DC on Saturday. Me too! Looks like you came a solid half hour ahead of me though... Edit: Discovered this thread this AM, came to post... 11 miles.
There are some Robert Talbott crocodile & alligator belts on Gilt right now, for those of you who (a) like the feeling of reptile skin against your pelvis, and (b) want to get them new instead of via the $1,000,000 thread.
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