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She's blowing you off without wanting to be confrontational about it. Let it go, dude. Plus, she's leaving in a month and a half. Quit trying to rationalize your horniness by saying that it's healthy to only see your girlfriend once a month. Just. Let. It. Go.
I don't own one yet, but the website has a 36R in FU red, so now I'm tempted...
I kind of wish that belts and shoes would be sold together (maybe they are, if you're a bigtimer). It would be great to own a belt and shoes made from the same piece of leather (or the same gator).
Could you post measurements (S2S, P2P, etc.) for the Club Monaco & green cord blazers? If that 38R fits like a 36, it would be good to know.
...and after that drop, I'm in. PMed!
Could you post measurements?
Another day, another tie.Except this time, the tie was a Valentino grenadine: [[SPOILER]] The pic quality is atrocious (laptop camera), but I'm keeping this one, so it doesn't matter too much to me. (This was regular thrift, not by-the-pound thrift...)
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack Those are always sport shirts in my world as they should not be worn with a suit. Basically any shirt that isn't a formal shirt or conservative dress shirt is a sport shirt. I hadn't heard of that; my noob-ness is showing. (I don't think I've actually done it, though; I only had a lavender OCBD in my pre-SF days and have just gotten around to supplementing with more classic colored oxfords.)
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