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The sport shirts look okay, and I kind of like the canvas messenger bag with the flap. Most of the rest is shit, IMHO. If I were stuck with the task of setting up this line, I would have done the following: 1.) Raw denim. Way to set up a brand called Denim & Supply without supplying proper denim, guys. 2.) Added a line of shoes: A Wolverine x Denim & Supply boot, maybe a couple of varieties of desert boot/chukka (with an FU pair that uses the Navajo-esque blanket...
There was some stupid shit in that lookbook.However, if either of these is available in a 36R come sale time, I'm getting one: [[SPOILER]]
I know there was something in the first post about not doing one of these for July & August, but I'd be up for participating this month. Got some much-desired activewear at the Patagonia sale yesterday, and now I'm "set" for a while...
What are the odds that they run a little small?
A nice, thick rope, if you're an NYC-based broker.
Just north of 20, but a couple of those are at the tailor's getting taken in.
Picked up the spectators: [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] They say "Carlysle 1965 11 1/2 M" inside. Can't seem to find much info on them, at least not via Google.But, now that I have the shoes, I'm beginning to feel tempted to keep them.
Apparently they're spectators; I'm still new-ish to all this and didn't know.Anyway, I found a picture of a pair of shoes with similar styling (the color on the Paul Stuarts is a lighter tan):If you (or anyone else) is still interested, PM me. There's also a black/white pair, but from a different maker I didn't recognize.
Apparently someone with my shoe size must have passed away, because I found almost a dozen pairs of decent shoes today over lunch. Went back after work and bought four of them (two pairs of Botticelli penny loafers in different shades of brown, a pair of dark brown Florsheim Imperial loafers with a metal buckle thing, with little wear and a nice layer of dust, and some crocodile slip-ons (still need to try to figure out the maker; it said Made in Italy). The brands are...
If they ever decide to offer an XS polo, I'll let you know...
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