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yeah my ma+ wallet which uses guidi leather still has a smell after 4 years. I love it though.
that is taichi murakami SS17 Culatta Work Shirt
man that jacket is beautiful...some mad max arcteryx action. that sleeve is beautiful
thanks @oulipien @aronan will look into it. the stretch is great, I've always had problems with my thighs in ccp pants
has anyone here handled leopold bosserts stuff. I kinda want to get a shirt, can anyone say anything about the quality?
nope that isn't how it works, the 'extra material' is caused by 'incorrectly' used darts and when you have consecutive darts at places where the body doesnt need it, it creates that deformity.the deformity is of course as intended by LEB cause thats how he pattern drafts, darts all over the place to form the material.Also It is difficult to find hard/heavy leather jackets that doesnt require breaking in...even the ones used by bikers require breaking in by wearing it and...
the thing about LEB's work is there are many problems that are unfortunately part of the design. I have yet to see something from LEB that fits well (TO ME, apart from leather jackets which works for me), every single garment and now footwear has 'extra' material especially in joints (knees, elbows). His ethos of course treats these deformities as part of the design and it will work well for some people Im sure. Because of the nature of his work he cannot possibly make...
i would not recommend. cotton, ramie and wool will all shrink at various percentages. it could be a disaster.
it doesn't mean anything. its a variation on the universal symbol for leather
Size 2/3 PANTS ONLY =]
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