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yeah i was on that auction, went to 50k yen and couldnt go any further. kinda bitter about it.
if any of you yohji gods have this iteration of the hakama, lemme know =]
hey, if anyone has the hypercity international backpacks, lemme know will pay well.
Aitor Throup mesh tote bag fabric is the same mesh on the veil jacket, handles same as the cuff on the same jacket. Seam work is the same too, micro overlock with seam tapes. a little larger than A3 paper size. ps. this is like the dsm ipad bag but bigger $100 shipped anywhere
good condition, no bag
if anyone is looking to get rid of a black layer-0 derby in 43, hit me up!
in black or there a bouts.
size S about 2 cm diameter
Yes size 2 Fits skinny medium or small
lemme know!
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