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Any chance of a Blue Ventile Trench coming into stock? I've been searching all over for a Trench that won't cost me $1000 and absolutely love your stuff. Considering the black-navy Car Coat regardless, but really need something with a longer length.
Do the hand burnishing/fiddleback on the shoes cost more?
@luxire Out of curiosity, what is the process for custom shoes? Foot tracing?
They could probably make a quilted vest out of any of the fabrics on their website. They have fabric as heavy as 25/30 oz.
I remember it now, it's that quilted one. I still think that is one of Luxire's best pieces.
If you don't mind me asking, what fabric is that coat?
Just got these pairs of seconds in. They're Jermyns, and the last pair in my size, and I got them for ~$132. They seem fine, just a few creases and scuffs and this... It seems like the insole is pulling away a bit. Should I be worried? If it's not to big of a deal, I'll keep them, I've had my eye on them for a while, and they were cheap. EDIT: I just noticed that these would have been eligible for another 15% off, would AE match that?
You can try covering it with polish, but it looks too deep to me. I'm afraid they're not fixable.
Luxire is talking about shipping stuff to them.
Is there any reason the Rush Street can't be made into a cheaper Strand?
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