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what sort of pants would you suggest otherwise? your comment provides nothing constructive, only destructive.
i'm going to preface this post by saying- i don't own more rick than the boots and a tank, so don't bash the fact that i'm not rick x rick x rick. i didn't buy these for that look… …continuing on… rick boots helmut lang jeans jcrew sweater & leopard scarf chanel peridot nailpolish .. it's green/blue/gold, totally dino colored! a flurry of beaded friendship & pura vida bracelets
pfft.again, pfft.. thanks, i guess? that's sort of backhanded .. insult? compliment? whoooo knoowwsssyeah, he had expensive taste and made sure his clothes always fit to a t.i'm not sorry, i'm feeling infinitely better without him than with him! plus … rick boots! thanks, and nice name, too!
thanks boys!what happened? Lol … i broke up with my boyfriend, basically made him move out the apt we shared, took my car back and started driving the 2 miles each way to work instead of walking (before the ex was taking my car daily to work) … soooo now i wear whatever i want because i don't have to deal with the hike every day (and him haha). these boots, i found on ebay, couldn't resist!and then for all of you (Ivwri, Synthese, snake…) going back and forth on the leg...
helmut lang sweater alternative apparel drapey tank thing (whatever you want to call it) splendid leggings my new rick boots philip lim 3.1 bag just got these boots, am officially obsessed with them. what do you think, am i wearing them right?
yes, correct. the pockets have a slight front pleat that pushes them outward, besides just being generally large front pockets. it's not a silhouette that most designers can execute so easily, or at least that i've seen. i fell in love with them immediately haha, so thanks again... glad you like them! i wore them to work today ... generally the people i work with don't really get it.thanks! agreed with the white button down.. i'm headed to a work conference at the end...
thanks!!i don't disagree .. and i quite literally tried on just about every shirt i own in attempting to figure out what would work with these pants. i do think though that the slim top keeps me looking actual-sized. if i pair a bulkier shirt with them, the pants start to get lost and it adds a lot of bulk all over, so i end up looking heavier. i did pair a sheer black tee with my YSL trib two heels and black slim cardigan with these and that ended up looking pretty...
couldn't get the greatest picture … top is madewell i think? pants are etoile isabel marant, just got them over the weekend am in in loooooove shoes are louboutin espadrille wedges that i wear all the time i was having trouble pairing these pants with a long sleeve shirt, but i think this ends up working pretty okay. thoughts?
hello all .. i have a feeling that my outfit today will be hated, but i love it, so yeah... anyway. scarf and sweater are jcrew jeans are bess, those are studs on the back pocket shoes are kors bag is gryson
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide Yes please.
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