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I've been browsing this thread a lot in the past few days, and as a lurker, I get a really elitist vibe coming from some members in this thread. Not going to name any names, but for some users here, any form of imitation or shoes with anything that doesn't seem to feature top notch construction or top notch leather seems to be really looked down upon. As an example, the Thursday company boots were really looked down upon, and one reason is because they tried to copy...
Is that so? I was under the impression that most people size down 1 full size for barrie. I will go and do some research in Alden's thread, but do you know why people size down only half? Since my barrie is 7.5, I wonder if maybe the shoe salesman sized me incorrectly. I was very surprised that the 7.5D fit me if I am really an 8.5, considering that I have a high instep that forces me to size up frequently than what people here recommend.
Hmmm although it's the safest to go with a size 8, I'm tempted to buy a size 7 based on the fact that Barrie is supposed to be a bit smaller than 2030 (in width? instep?). If only there was a way to try it on first
How come they don't use their main store website?
If my options are either a 7D or 8D what should I do? I confirmed that I am a 8.5D
If I have a high instep and wear a 7.5D in Aldrn's barrie last (shell PCT boot), what size am I in 2030? I am between an 8 and 8.5D in brannock.
Will these fit a 7.5D barrie and 8.5D AE 5 last?
If my shirt sleeves are too long, can a tailor shorten the sleeve by cutting out the gauntlet button+hole completely and moving the sleeves up past that? Similarly, would it throw off the balance of a shirt too much by hemming the length just past the lowest button (remove everything up until right after the lowest button)?
Would you count those alterations as major surgery? Aren't shortening the sleeves and taking in the waist routinely done operations? I have not yet tried Ralph Lauren suits, and with my current success rate with suit jackets, I'm not too hopeful that it will work.I also looked into their MTM option, although that's based on their Napoli cut. The one I was looking at was the sienna cut. Unfortunately my store does not have the full MTM service.The suitsupply salesman also...
I'm looking to buy a 700 dollar suit (from suit supply), and I found a cut that fits really nicely and looks very modern (think slimmer sleeves, waist, etc), and it fits perfect everywhere except the shoulders, which is too tight. I have the option to size up, but then I'd have to get the sleeves shorter, the waist taken in, and possibly the jacket length shortened. I'd also have to get the pants slimmed down and hemmed as well. With this many operations, is it still a...
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