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Would you count those alterations as major surgery? Aren't shortening the sleeves and taking in the waist routinely done operations? I have not yet tried Ralph Lauren suits, and with my current success rate with suit jackets, I'm not too hopeful that it will work.I also looked into their MTM option, although that's based on their Napoli cut. The one I was looking at was the sienna cut. Unfortunately my store does not have the full MTM service.The suitsupply salesman also...
I'm looking to buy a 700 dollar suit (from suit supply), and I found a cut that fits really nicely and looks very modern (think slimmer sleeves, waist, etc), and it fits perfect everywhere except the shoulders, which is too tight. I have the option to size up, but then I'd have to get the sleeves shorter, the waist taken in, and possibly the jacket length shortened. I'd also have to get the pants slimmed down and hemmed as well. With this many operations, is it still a...
So then the quality probably isn't that great?
Newcomer did you get a chance to look at your RL sweater?
Thanks, looking forward to hearing back
When the neck and side label don't say, how does one tell where an item was made from? I bougbt a Ralph Lauren blue label fair isle sweater but I can't figure out where it's made in.
That is what I've heard as well. Made in Italy is good but do you know about other places?And does anyone know what the quality of brooks brothers red fleece is? Specifically their blazer
Does anyone have any experience with BB's red fleece suits/sport coat/blazer quality? I bought a red fleece sports jacket from BB but I wonder how it stacks up compared to their regular line.
Does anyone know the quality of Polo Ralph Lauren sweaters? How are their pima cotton sweaters and how are the wool (fair isle) sweaters? I bought one of each, but I've heard people say the clothing in this line can be very bad or very nice.
Going to hijack this thread and ask how is the quality of Polo Ralph Lauren sweaters? I bought a fair isle sweater for a pricey 150, but I'm not sure about the quality of it, seeing as how people have said the quality ranges anywhere from very nice to very bad. It's 71% wool. 25% lambswool. 2% extra-fine merino wool. 2% merino wool
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