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Just got an email from Meermin saying next month they will receive two new shipments of shell, one in a natural shell color and one in a whiskey/light brown color. Looks like I know where to get my next shoe
Where can I get more pictures of Meermin's shell shoes in the wild, preferably with more rolls in the shell, and preferably in their cuero color? I know Calikid has some cuero shoes, but I'm not sure if he has posted any updates to those. Also, is anyone thinking about doing some kind of cuero (or if available, some other light colored shell) non-boot group buy in the future?
Are the 8D marlow pennies still available? They haven't been crossed off but it says 6/24 last update
I wouldn't even try the simpson last. From the looks of it, my feet won't fit well. How are you 9.5D in Alden barrie though given your Carmina sizes? How tight are your U Last shoes on your feet?
You didn't have any issues with the front taper being too narrow? Wouldn't it be safer to order a size larger, and use insoles if it's too big?
Thread revival again. I have a high instep and a regular (or slightly wider) feet. I wear: 8UK Carmina Forest (wearable but roomy with thin socks) 7.5UK Carmina Rain (wearable but tight with thin socks) 8.5D US Allen Edmonds 5 last (tight across instep) 7.5D US Alden Barrie What would I wear in a Vass U-last? Nomanwalksalone quoted 41.5 or maybe 42, but from reading the first 2 pages of this thread, I think a 42.5 would fit better. Or should I go for 43? I can...
Looking for a bit of opposite sizing advice: If I wear a 7.5UK Rain (chukka) (if any tighter then it would be too tight) 8UK Forest (boot) (roomy with thin socks, but not too roomy) what size in vass U last should I get? I have high instep and regular width feet. I'm also 7.5D in Alden barrie, 8.5D in Allen edmonds 5 last
Does anyone have any pictures of 2/3 eyelet derbies in sleeker lasts like Ben or New Rey? Like this?
Can I ask why you are selling them? If they were small you could have returned them before you wore them
Yeah any updates?
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