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Quote: Originally Posted by commodorewheeler IME, Skinny Guys run about 1" bigger than tagged in terms of their actual waist measurement. For you, I would probably go with a 32. Thanks man. That was the size I ended up getting in the Momo collabs.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnH123 Wait what? $109? Yep. They were on sale at Barneys. Down from like $275.
Quote: Originally Posted by S-Town I believe the Momo collabs have a super long inseam, which might be really good for you at 6'4". Well I called Barneys and talked to a really knowledgable guy, and I ended up getting the Momo collabs for 109 in a 32.
Quote: Originally Posted by S-Town I've never done skinny guys, but it seems N&F stretches quite a bit in general. Do you wear a belt? if so, you shouldn't have to worry about it much if they fit well after a couple days of initial stretch. Maybe someone here has experience with this specific jean on the barneys site; i'm not sure if it's the same as the deep indigo....sorrry. Yea I always wear a belt, and I saw that they have a sale on the...
Quote: Originally Posted by S-Town If you want a serious deal, call barneys. The dark blue indigo skinny guys are only $59 right now. the website only has size 34, but a sales associate might be able to find one at another store for you. I will definitely do that tomorrow. Thanks man. So how much do Skinny Guys stretch? I don't want to get a 33 and then they stretch out and be too big. And is the dark blue indigo the same as the deep indigo...
I'm new to raw denim, I've been thinking about purchasing a pair of N & F Skinny Guy jeans. I'm just not sure how the sizing runs. My waist measures 33.5, and I like my jeans to fit rather slim but not skin tight. And I'm 6'4" and 175 lbs, so I'm pretty skinny. So would the skinny guys be right for me? What would be the best size also? And what is the best jean to start out with for my first pair? I'm not sure which ones bcuz there are so many different types under each...
I would like to purchase a pair of size 30 APC New standards in new condition if anyone has them available.
PM sent regarding APCs
Are there any good deals out right now for APC New Standards?
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