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Hey friends, I e-thrifted a number of boys suits recently and a good number of them didn't work out. Rather than put them back on 'that site' I thought I would offer them up here to see if anyone is interested. They're all boys size 14. I'll take pics later when I have a chance. Shoot me a PM!
Are you talking about Patrick Booth?
I can't stand Texans who are OU fans - including my girlfriend. Every Red River shootout we are at odds and it sucks because it always falls on my birthday weekend - this year it's on my actual birthday. Clags, I know you're a Spurs fan, but please don't forget about this:Hmm interesting. An Englishman with Italian loyalties.
It's not horrible, and as Koala noted, you could do much worse. You don't see much Brooks Brother's on SF at this point so I think that's why you didn't get much love when it was posted. From my untrained eye it seems like the button point is high and the lapels look skinny. Not sure about the canvassing on this particular BB suit. I guess it is worth a shot since you can always return for free. For $50 more you could always go the SuitSupply route (which is more favored...
I was looking for a picture of certain member on the CM side and came across an old WAYWRN best of thread (circa 2010) and I must say, @Parker & @Baron, y'alls CM stuff was great. Wish I followed CM when y'all were active.
While looking for the above picture of MaoMao I came across this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/253439/waywrn-hall-of-fame-pre-2010/0_50. Great contributions from some old members and I really enjoy the variety.
Since y'all are talking about dark shirts - this is my favorite:
Maybe I'm in the minority, but waking up, putting on a jacket & tie, and working from home does not compute in my head. Seems like a lot of unnecessary work when you are in the comfort of your own home. I know we're on a men's fashion forum and all, but it seems a bit contrived.
Are you being serious?
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