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Am I the only one who finds the stripes on the shirt too close in scale to the pattern of the jacket? No hate Justin, just asking for my own sartorial knowledge.
Too much @Cleav
@el Bert is hands down my favorite poster in this thread.
No truer words.
At this point this thread belongs in DT or CE. Also LOL at RTC trying to pile on Noodles........again.
Just checked this thread and had 100 unread posts. I'm pretty buzzed and all I have to say is that was an interesting read.
Watching the match right now and trying to spot you and @Cleav in the stands 😅
@sebastian mcfox really like the fabric on that suit. Deets?
What is the general consensus on Peter Millar? Is it a quality brand? Stopped by Nordstrom and saw two SC's and I liked them but was hesitant to pull the trigger.
If I remember correctly you're a fellow United fan. Which match are you going to? Hopefully it's one at Old Trafford!
New Posts  All Forums: