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@sebastian mcfox really like the fabric on that suit. Deets?
What is the general consensus on Peter Millar? Is it a quality brand? Stopped by Nordstrom and saw two SC's and I liked them but was hesitant to pull the trigger.
If I remember correctly you're a fellow United fan. Which match are you going to? Hopefully it's one at Old Trafford!
Awesome beard, bro.
@kulata your latest picture isn't showing up for me - looks like the link is broken.
Although Foo's critiques come off a bit hard-nosed, I find them informative. It also opens up a dialogue - even though not everyone agrees with eachother.
I also am not a fan of the jacket Noodles posted, but I'm not 100% sure what is wrong about the fit. Just for educational purposes, could one of the more educated SFers do a quick run down of why the jacket is no good?
Hey friends, I e-thrifted a number of boys suits recently and a good number of them didn't work out. Rather than put them back on 'that site' I thought I would offer them up here to see if anyone is interested. They're all boys size 14. I'll take pics later when I have a chance. Shoot me a PM!
Are you talking about Patrick Booth?
I can't stand Texans who are OU fans - including my girlfriend. Every Red River shootout we are at odds and it sucks because it always falls on my birthday weekend - this year it's on my actual birthday. Clags, I know you're a Spurs fan, but please don't forget about this:Hmm interesting. An Englishman with Italian loyalties.
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