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I just relocated to Champaign for a few months, but I'm in an out of the city quite often. A SF meet up sounds like a good time to me.
Were we better or worse off without Jozy?
Garbage. Michael Bradley has been disappointing - playing with zero heart. Other than that the team played so much better than the Ghana match. We retained possession and playing with initiative. Both goals were unfortunate and we need to tighten up on defensive play. Thursday will be intense.
Respect. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2102765-ivory-coasts-serey-die-in-tears-during-national-anthem-at-world-cup
While I don't mind the gaining popularity of football on my Facebook, the comments of people who clearly have no idea about the sport trying to seem like genuine fans of the sport irritate me. Most of my FB friends are Indian, and it puzzles me when they change their profile pictures to the crest of Spain, Brazil, etc. The funniest are the Spain 'supporters' that got a dose of reality yesterday.
What's worse. The collapse of Spain this year, or France in 2010?
I think it's time Spain put De Gea in. He's proved his worth over the season at United.
I don't know how we can dismiss that goal as anything but spectacular. The well timed run, with a perfect long ball (that was practically at midfield), and RVP with just the right touch and weight to get over Casillas.
Cleav, this is what I was thinking the whole match. I hope this success goes well into next season.
New Posts  All Forums: