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We were talking about AA power washed T's in here the other day and someone said that they wear out pretty fast. I've worn mine 3 times so far and washed it once and there's a hole in it already. I'm smh pretty hard.
Haha whoops! These are the 2 things I bought:Honestly, I just posted here to vent about the SA's. I was wearing jeans and a casual plaid shirt, so I probably didn't look like I knew about suits, but it was a bit annoying that no one acknowledged me when I walked in. I think Stanley Korshak is only in Dallas and it is extremely high end, and in a rich part of town.One thing I did notice about SuSu was that the ties & pocket squares loot different in person than on the...
I had my first Suit Supply experience today. Stopped by the one in Dallas that's inside Stanley Korshak. I went into the Men's suit section and was overwhelmed and drooling over all the Kiton, Isaia, and other high end menswear, but then was told all the Suit Supply stuff was in the 'modern menswear' section across the way. The SA's were a lot more friendly over on the SuSu side, probably because they were more around my age and the old men in the high end wear saw a...
I think you're talking about UrbanComposition. I could be wrong, but I think he mentioned that he bought the NSM off the Panta guy (forgot his SF handle) from B&SEdit: spelling
You should venture into the Dumb Threads section of SF
Can you post some fit pics if possible? Thanks
Check out their power washed tee. I have a few of the AA tri-blends and picked up one one of the power washed tees recently. Unfortunately, I like the fit of the power wash more, but I prefer the fabric on the tri-blends. Such is life.
Are the stripes in the tie yellow also? I just wish the square was different so it didn't look so matchy-matchy with the shirt and to provide some more balance to the fit. Other than that, I dig it.
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