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Ratatouille is another great animated movie worth mentioning. My favorite scene from the movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JPOoFkrh94
Well actually my mom was working in Northern India as a nurse and was home on vacation and had seen a few guys herself and said no to all of them. Also, my mom actually had the upper hand in the situation of her and my dad. Her family was rich, she had a good education, a good job, and her family was well respected in the area. My dad's parents both had passed away, growing up they were always extremely poor, he never went to college, and moved to Saudi Arabia right after...
I guess 'arranged marriages' can have different definitions. For example, my parents always say that they had an arranged marriage, but no one forced them to marry each other. My dad was working in Saudi Arabia, decided it was time for him to get married, came back home to India. When he got back they went to different girls' houses and met the family and the girl. After seeing about 5 or 6 different women and talking to them he said he was interested in my mom. My mom...
+1 to Kira. Sorry for the derail Noodlers but I must say I'm proud of myself. 3 posts in 1 day is an all time record for me in my 3 years here on SF. My goal is to finally hit 200 posts before the year ends
I think that used to be the case with our culture. Especially since our parents came from close to nothing and immigrated to North America. In recent years the parents care more about what people will say about them and that trumps other important issues (if the person actually is interested in their child, will they take care of their child in more ways than just financially). Parents say they won't allow them to marry certain people because it would make their family...
I think this point is true for a lot of Asian countries. I always found us indians to be incredibly superficial. It becomes extremely evident when marriage time roles around. I've seen a lot of Indian parents prefer their kids marry someone that fits a superficial criteria (looks/job/wealth) rather than someone who has good personality traits.
I remember when the Noodles thread was so full of life (and posts) that it was such a great distraction for me from doing my work. Now every time I pull it up all I see is 1 unread post and that forces me to go back to work sooner than I wanted to.
Is there anyway to mark a thread as unread? I accidentally clicked on the last post of a thread so it says I've read all the posts. I meant to start from post 1 and read the whole thread.
+1 to this. Have been a few times. Twice with a fairly large group and once with just my gf. Food and atmosphere is great.
Had the same issue and it threw off my whole morning routine
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