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What is considered a 'bling-bling designer wear' brand?
@mcobinad Great fit. Disregard comments such as 'so close'. You look comfortable in what you're wearing and look great. This is probably my favorite fit of yours thus far.
You guys are only further proving my point. I'm getting called out for calling him out. But ok, we can stop this right here.
If someone posted an item with Chinese letters and I responded "ching chong ching" included with a picture, I'm pretty sure I'd get flamed for it. I guess if you post a lot in this thread you get away with things like hijacking the thread for days to win a personal contest, and casual racism about an ethnicity different than yours ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I lived on a Caribbean island for 2 years. First few months it was enjoyable, but by the end of 2 years I was ready to comeback stateside.
Don't know where else to post this but...I follow Business Insider on Facebook and every once in a while they post awful style articles like this one: http://www.businessinsider.com/14-ways-ed-helms-totally-transformed-his-style-2015-8 SMH
Just went to that thread and finished the remaining 500 posts I hadn't read. Not going to lie....I really enjoyed the Foofing
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