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Badump ching Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
Dad jokes FTW.
I didn't think it was possible for me to hate Dani Alves more than I already do. Then I saw that picture.
I would suggest also going over to the Streetwear and Denim side of the forum. There are also guys over there that have to dress professionally but aren't completely conservative like you are trying to stay away from.
Indians, at least from Southern India, have an issue with W and V. You'll commonly hear our first generation immigrant parents saying 'wan' instead of 'van'. Also there is supposedly a small part of Southern India where they switch F and P. My girlfriends dad, and his whole side of the family, say 'nafkin' instead of 'napkin'.
Might be a lot of blue, but it's still a lot better than a lot of initial fits.
[[SPOILER]] Edit: Spoilered because of semi-NSFW (?) thumbnail
I recently got some Stan's in the white/blue. I wear the hell out of them. My gf bought a pair of the white/green, and I think the blue compliments a monochrome look. I saw a pair of grey suede ones that I'm starting to really like. Not sure if I should pull the trigger or not.
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