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I tried to find a meme that included hipsters and regular things being too mainstream but couldn't find a good one so this comment will have to suffice.
I think needhelp123 is a 'struggle child'
My girlfriend told me so I've been getting her to periodically smell my head in-between shampoo days.
This is fantastic. Something about the texture of the grenadine within the stripes gives me some sort of visual euphoria. There is something pleasing about that tie against the smooth-textured sport coat.
So I was a regular, everyday shampooer and have slowly cut back to once a week. My hair is looking so much better with or without product. Only 1 issue, after a few days of no shampoo (I still shower once or twice a day) my head starts to smell a little. How do you dudes combat that?
Fair point. There have been derails from talking about fashion and I have not been bothered because I was more interested in those derails than anime talk, maybe because I have never been an anime fan. I think I think my comment was just a passive aggressive knee jerk reaction to Brad's whining.My parents use their toaster oven to heat up snacks from the local Indian grocery store which makes fresh snacks. I thought they were crazy, but those cutlets taste pretty good...
I for one am happy that the random anime thoughts have been moved to the random anime thoughts section of SF.
Am I wrong in thinking that the fit could still work with jeans if the jeans were a bit more tapered/slim? I don't think it would be in the realm of CM, but would be considered trendy.
If I'm not mistaken, that picture posted is this guy: http://instagram.com/danielre He's always pops up on my explore page on Instagram. I think the individual pieces he has are nice, but I'm not a fan of the fit of his jackets, and his overly poofed squares.
Thoughts? Can kop for dirt cheap, but don't want an extra pair of shoes for no reason.
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