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Your fits were always good, but you have dialed it in to almost perfection as of recent.
Pretty sure there's an Indochino thread. Check that out. It will probably give you the answers you're looking for
I have a bad habit of reading too fast and skipped over the 'belts'sand thought Skoak was selling Carmina shoes for $105. So disappointed.
@jcmeyer to my eye those SuSu jackets look more visually appealing than the other jackets you have posted in the past. It may feel too long to you, but they look right in those pictures. Personal opinion, but I have always felt like the other jackets you have posted have always looked too short. Please don't shorten them!
Am I the only one who finds the stripes on the shirt too close in scale to the pattern of the jacket? No hate Justin, just asking for my own sartorial knowledge.
Too much @Cleav
@el Bert is hands down my favorite poster in this thread.
No truer words.
At this point this thread belongs in DT or CE. Also LOL at RTC trying to pile on Noodles........again.
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