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@RegisDB9 ever been to Anguilla?
I don't know if remote is the correct word, but it has more of a quaint feel than Clearwater. The sand and beaches are superior on Siesta also.
I'd suggest going 20-30 mins south of Clearwater and go to Siesta Key.
Just a few restaurant suggestions off the top of my head: Tango Sur (Argentine steakhouse), Crisp (Korean), Athenian Room (Mediterranean), DMK Burger Bar, Fish Bar, Kuma's CornerPlaces to grab a drink: The Barrelhouse Flat - and if you're into really Dive-y bars go next door to Rose's Lounge, The Bedford.Enjoy your time there, I love that city!
Random question, who was the guy who was ashamed of being seen with thrift store bags?
Is Moo talking about the StyleForumRobot thread dedicated to him? Who will be the SF villain now? Bye Moo
WAYWRN II definitely had more diversity compared to the current WAYWRN. If some of the stuff from WAYWRN II were posted in today's WAYWRN, I think those people would get ripped apart for some of their choices. Back then it seems like it was accepted and people liked it, some of those people being of the 'old guard'. It makes me wonder about the whole "SF Groupthink" idea people always talk about. Is the 'groupthink' so strong now that people are scared to stray away from it?
I used to be anti-black shoes with navy, but as of recently I really love the combo. Something about the sleek/city-ness of the navy and black really appeals to me. Great fit Gus!
Is that a tie or a scarf? Either way it doesn't belong. That sweater and shirt shouldn't be worn - with what looks like - a suit. If you're wearing that jacket with odd trousers, then it looks like you're wearing an orphaned suit jacket. If you're trying to dress according to Classic Menswear, then you may be interested in reading this thread and the Noodles thread (http://www.styleforum.net/t/375309/noodles-good-natured-advice-thread-improving-a-business-wardrobe/0_50)...
I personally feel like the 90s were the best years of my sartorial life: [[SPOILER]]
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