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The jacket and shirt are opposing each other. A solid shirt would be a much better choice.
I installed Adblocker today because of the AE ad. It was causing the site to lag when I scrolled and was getting irritating. After enabling Adblocker the lag went away.
That's normal behavior in this thread.
Hmm I don't know if this is particularly true, I think it's more up to personal preference. I don't own 1 shirt that is a square tail because I think it looks silly. All of my casual shirts that I wear untucked (Oxford cloths, linen blends, etc) all have a rounded tail.
Out of curiosity, what color Vans slip ons?
2015 is a sad year for SF. The fall of two SF pillars - Moo and ToJ.
It's a Neapolitan shoulder called Spalla Camica. This might explain a bit: http://nomanwalksalone.tumblr.com/post/57157189444/quick-study-in-neapolitan-shoulders-when
I've voted for Wes a few times and I personally have no issues with Wes reminding the thread to vote for him, but the countless posts of pictures with their vote number is getting a bit old. I mean people got irritated with Jompso's endless paragraphs clogging up the thread.....
You should post it in TWAT (the watch appreciation thread) and they would probably be knowledgable and resourceful.
@GMMcL - Not that my opinion really matters being that I'm still a novice - I never really liked those shell loafers when spoo wore them either. Something about the leather makes it seem like a formal loafer, if that makes sense?
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