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2nd post - Hot as shit today All Ralph AE New Orleans Holdfast - you and Spoo must have closets bigger than my suburban home! Cheers from Birmingham R
Happy Easter everyone! My first post in this thread. Sorry, don't have pics of the whole outfit - it was a huge thunderstorm out today. Borrelli patch pocket Silk/Cashmere BR shirt RLBL Tie / pratt Ralph Lauren charcoal trousers (not pictured) Allen Edmonds Bourbon Strand (not pictured) R
PM Sent Thanks - R
Did this guy ever get any pussy or what?! R
Please understand that my background differs from yours, if everything you own is Kiton. Until this past year, I typically have worn Burberry, Hickey Freeman, HSM, and Ralph Lauren. I've looked good in them and have always been complimented and perceived as well-dressed, but one afternoon it came to me that I did not have the one or two suits that exemplified the best I could be and the best I could afford. In doing my research on what that would look like and what I...
I have a Sartoria Partenopea 140s charcoal chalk-stripe 3/2 suit...I can honestly say it is the best suit in my closet right now. Next, I hope to purchase a Kiton or other top maker to compare the quality. Listen to me - you will not be disappointed! Relentless
Just received Ann Coulter's new controversy - Mugged - Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama Limited signed First Edition of 500 Looking forward to it. O Relentless One
50 hours is a typical US work week. 100 hours - sorry, you're not doing it right. Smart, not hard guys. R
I try to read at least one book per month. In the past couple of months, I've read Atlas Shrugged, Timeline, Robinson Crusoe, and Luttrell's bookLone Survivor. Currently reading The Art Spirit by Robert Henri Cheers, R
eBay is great - here are some simple rules that I follow: 1. Never buy from a seller with less than 100% feedback or who has a low number of feedbacks 2. Know your size(s) and understand the product 3. Ask a LOT of very specific questions 4. Only buy from sellers who offer return/exchanges 5. Only buy clothing items that are NIB, NWT, etc. (used shoes/clothing is gross!) I know, I have high standards. Relentless
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