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anyone have these yet or know where theyre available? been searching, but they look to be japan exclusives =[edit: bonus picture
another 10$ off all purchases.
Quote: Originally Posted by aketo measurements for the edwins? Hoboken measurements: waist: 15in front rise: 10in back rise: 14.1in thigh: 10.4in inseam: 31.9in leg opening: 6.6in Edwin measurements: waist: 15.1in front rise: 10.1in back rise: 13.6in thigh: 11.7n inseam: 33in leg opening: 6.9in i cant edit the first post.. i dont know why.
Quote: Originally Posted by aketo measurements for the edwins? i'll try to get that for you tonight. Nudies sold!
nudie sold pending payment. edit: sold.
i want these. not sure if want to buyyy these though.
all measurements done BiG style btw. KMW measurements: waist: just over 15 in front rise: 9.5in back rise: 14.1in thigh: 10.7in inseam: 34in (all kmw rockers measure 2 inches longer than tagged for extra stacking) leg opening: 6.5in this is where most of the wear is on these.
^^^^ pmed you matso. Nudie measurements: waist: 14.25 in front rise: 10in back rise: 14.75in thigh: 9.5in inseam: 29in leg opening: 6.5 julian red hoboken no wash now for sale. these are pretty awesome, but they dont fit me quite right. they werent worn that often and have a verrrrry light fading. my friend put pool cue chalk on the left pocket. other than that.. these are in great condition. retails for 199$. selling for 130$ shipped. Hoboken measurements: waist:...
imps sold, rest is still sitting in my closet.
i bought a pair of shoes from them that didnt fit. you need a returns number to return an item however i logged on and was unable to generate one. it said to pick a reason for return on the drop down menu, but when i click the menu... there are no options. i shot them an email and they kinda brushed it off, and all they said was "you need a returns number to return an item." furthermore every time i try to log onto the site, it says that my password is wrong and ihave to...
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