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Hi, I live in Bermuda and we don't have any quality, relaible talors here and I have a Borrelli blazer that I want to put working sleeve buttons on. I'm travelling up to Boston for a few days and woundered if someone knew of a relaible quality tailor there who might be able to turn that around for me quickly. Any personal experience would be much appreciated. Cheers Will
Bought this shirt just the other day here on SF but unfortunately it's too small for me. Price is $50 plus shipping. Second picture is more true-to-colour. Here's an extract from the original thread: "All shirts have been bought in brick & maortar stores in the Netherlands and Italy. The oldest are no older than 3 years. The most recent are about 6 months old. None of these shirts have seen much wear, as I have many shirts in rotation. Some of these shirts have only...
Ok - this is my first ad (although I've done a bit of buying) so I hope I'm not violating any rules. I bought this from C&A the other day (Luc - great seller by the way) but unfortunately it's a bit small for me. I hope he doesn't mind my doing it this way ..... but here's the link to the original ad. Cheers Will
Is this the same color as the one in the ebay ad - that looks more brown than grey.
For sale is a Light Gray Oxxford Suit in a size 38R. Single Vent, Half-lined - good for summer. Pants are unlined pleated and cuffed. I recently purchased this but it turns out to be a bit narrow on the shoulders. It is in need of a clean and press but I thought it's better for the new owner to do that after shipping. As to condition, I would say it is well worn but not worn out - don't want to under-sell the suit but it's priced low for a reason. I'd like to post this...
Great looking jacket - if only it was a 40. I normally take a 38 but I checked out the measurements and I'm a 40 in this one. Oh well, such is life. Good luck with the sale.
Are you willing to ship this USPS to Bermuda (I'll pay the extra shipping)? If so, I'll take it if it's still available.
Hi, I'm interested in the 38R canali suit. I like the dark navy color in your pictures of the pants, but not the lighter blue in the picture of the jacket. Are they both of this item? If so, which is representative of the true color? Thanks Will
Hi, not sure if these are still available but if so can you send me some pics of the chocolate brown that you think represents the color well? Thanks!
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