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The suit will be for my wedding and in the future I will wear it when giving presentations for work. The one I am trying on is black, though I will likely be getting the navy blue one. The pic does make it look too short, though I think it is because of my shirt not being tucked in. With that said, what do you think of the difference in material type and lapel?
There is a Ralph Lauren Black Label suit that was listed for $1,995 for 40% off (they are having a 40% off sale now). They also have another suit with the same cut/fit for $1,295 (not on sale) and it has a notch (the other has a peak) and it is made with gabardine, while the other is made with a heavier wool. They are basically the same price now. Curious to hear your thoughts on: 1. notch vs. peak on the suits 2. gabardine vs. the heavier wool (salesmen described the...
How is the intensity of the dark blacks in a suit different from that of a tux?
This will be for my wedding. I have a black RLBL suit and was thinking of the possibility of a black bow tie to go with it?
Just curious to hear your thoughts on doing this?
What accessories can be worn with a suit? I'm going to wear black onyx cufflinks, a white square, and a watch. Are there any other accessories I can wear? Thanks.
I just got back from a RL store and some of the suits are on sale. I just bought a $2,000 suit for 40% off. I do not follow their prices so I do not know if it normally really sells for that much. Is 40% off one of their black label suits really a good deal?
Will this sale cover Black Label suits and tuxedos?
I'm looking for a watch that I can wear with a suit or with casual clothes. Something that will not look trendy and will still look good in the coming years. I would also like it to be able to go under water. I'm looking at these watches: and I know that the Planet Ocean is more of a divers watch then the Aqua terra, though I'd like to hear what you think...
So are you suggesting that each of them can wear a slightly different pattern on their ties? I know they can all wear different suits, though I figured they should all have matching ties. Thanks.
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