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I haven't been here in a while, and while I was gone it seems this place has exploded with new members. I don't necessarily think thats a bad thing, but I kinda liked the secret club kinda feel when everyone knew each other before. What happened to cause such a rush of new members? Was there an article in a magazine mentioning this forum? Eric
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve B. Cool Hand Luke. "I'm shaking that tree, Boss" The Great Escape... obviously 2 pretty similar story lines... Loved Cool Hand Luke, and I haven't seen The Great Escape since I was a kid, but when I think of similar storylines to Cool Hand Luke, I think of One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest & Tigerland. The 3 of them are VERY similar. Eric
Wow! Sweet! And I live in Silver Spring, how convenient. I bought the Conformist a while back on Laserdisk and haven't found a laserdisk player that works yet, so I haven't seen it... Eric
Quote: Originally Posted by otterhound I'm with Sauce on this one. That's why I prefer Allessandra Ambrosio. What a magnificent face she has. 100% agreed. I still think Cindy Crawford has it. Eric
I wasn't sure if posting those details would violate forum rules...(if so, just delete this J) I work at DARCARS Silver Spring Mazda, Cert. Used Toyota and many other pre-owned. You got my email for whenever your in the market. Eric
I recently started selling cars in MD, so all you MD, DC, and NOVA guys know who to talk to for a new or used car now right?? I won't advertise directly on here (I think thats against rules right??) So anyone interested can reach me at my email ERasmussen14@gmail.com Thanks! Eric
Nevermind. Eric
This is an interesting topic. I have noticed that households with 2 parents have children that attend college and at the very least become solid professionals, while children raised in single family homes have more of a tendancy to skip college and struggle. That is at least what I've seen amoung my friends. There are of course MANY exceptions to this rule, but this is what I have seen personally. So I believe the 2 parent thing holds some importance. I'm not...
I spent 3 hours thawing, preparing and cooking calamari for myself. It was the first real meal I have ever prepaired and cook myself. I'm rather proud of it... Eric
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Yeah that kind of thinking usually leads to the use of strong drugs... (It's not the use itself, but merely the type of mindset...) Jon. I see where your coming from... But I have no interest at all in other drugs. When I started playing alot of poker, people said it would translate into sports gambling later on but I have suck to only poker and have resisted all other forms of gambling. Eric
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