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t-shirts sizes are sized 's' through 'xxl', etc.; they are not exact. you may be an 'in-between' size, which would explain why you can wear either the 's' or 'm'. also, some people prefer the more fitted or the less fitted look, which could explain the opinions you have received.
i appreciate all responses. the details within the opinions offered serve to illuminate possible factors one could miss. in the end, i make my own choices, which may be in-line with or very much against what is trendy, fashionable. i'd hope most here are not fashion lemmings , but rather persons making choices based on their individual sense of style, whether the underlying element be classic, edgy, or some hybrid/variant. understanding yields to natural ease,...
sleep water cucumbers
There is a niche to be filled, that is obvious. The question is whether or not it's a viable magazine launch idea.
differences are measured in part by the following: -longevity -holding dye -styling/cut i've been loyal to levis. 501s or 550 (?). but, there seems to be a move-at least in marketing-to emphasize quality, so other brands, which previously may not have lasted as long, could very well be up to snuff. also, i tend to think that dyes last longer in some high end jeans/denim. however, i have no factual basis for that last assertion.
hello, all: just a general inquiry to solicit opinions on the wearability of 2, 3, or 4 button collars. for example, which might one choose for what ocassion or when and where might one opt for one over another? how does, uh, skull size and neck length (did i just type that? ) figure into the equation...discuss.
when you refer to "the collar type known in the industry as 'absurdly big'", is that to say an english spread collar, which is larger than a 'typical' spread collar?
-define 'short' -two ideas in regards to creating illusion of height: 1. increase the vertical aspects/draw the eyes up/down:    -incorporate pinstripes; avoid busy patterns    -wear 'fitted' clothes; not too tight, not too loose       -pleats thicken a profile, but while pleats in dress pants are        intended to do that, the 'fitted' factor is still important (i.e.,        watch the 'zoot suit' effect.    -flat front or single pleat    -dark...
New Posts  All Forums: