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I place little credence on tester/sample colognes for the possible reasons you supply.
re: Any additional tips on purchasing a first suit would also be appreciated. instead of black, try midnight navy, which is very, very close to black and will be more versatile in terms of future occasions and present needs.
re: chili color that is essentially a dark brown, so it is versatile as you describe, can be worn with just about anything. notable exception: black suit. re: cordovan my comment 'not with jeans' refers to scottmag's post and is based on the shoe style (namely, the perforation detail), not color.
not with jeans.
yes, it was in jest. no offense intended, just having some fun, and i'm glad you picked up on it. @ 'the disturbed gypsy look' you're correct, btw, re the patched looked being revived by some punkers. i haven't seen it on shirts, but i've seen it very well done on pants. pants were additionally rolled-up a bit. also, recently i've seen argyle socks worn with shorts and sneakers.
-inside out, worn reversed undershirt. -untucked, deliberately ripped and subsequently patched with plaid fabric samples dress shirt; top button left unbuttoned to allow the undershirt's tag to show (you definitely want the tag to show) -baggy capris worn low with a tie-as-belt -wrist bracelet, large, if not cumbersome, in faux gold -argyle socks -sandals
'candy stripes' are the broad equidistant stripes. they are a staple pattern, neither 'in', nor 'out'. variegated stripes come and go in terms of trends, but if the style suits you (akin to the idea of avoiding horizontal lines if you are shorter in height), then it is rational to wear them.
there is also the ever-elusive carpe denim. anyone tried those?
Kai states some valid points. There are social standards which traditionally define a 'gentleman'. However, I think it goes deeper than that. The simplest way to describe how it goes beyond factors inherent to interaction with others: be true to your self. Perhaps that's what Kai means by 'acts in a way that shows that he has respect for himself'. I mean to say that gentlemen are not frauds. There's a difference between a 'gentleman' and a 'player'. A measure of great...
Anyone have experience with ben sherman casual shoes? How true-to-size do they run in comparison to U.S. sizing?
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