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the problem hasn't been identified, so i wouldn't presume the worst case and that whatever is the problem commands abandoning the amp. the hum might be resulting from the broken input, a loose wire solder joint. check all the obvious wires. you might want to check your guitar connections, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by masqueofhastur There's a Beatles song about a guy with a silver hammer who smashes people's brains out, I can't remember the title, anyone know what it's called? That's most probably "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" from Abbey Road.
well done. I'll leave it for another to find the New Year's Resolution thread from 2003 in this sub-forum and post follow-up inquiries.
I remember this thread. But life goes on, with its changes and challenges. Last post here was in late June, 2006. That was many moons ago. Share a follow-up, Impulse155. You accomplished a lot. Have you kept to it?
The following Qs are not facetious: Not to denigrate anyone or anything, but to clarify terms, what constitutes a "serious relationship" at age 15? Why do you believe you "have found a very mature girl"? Quote: I know pretty much everyone has been in this same situation but it is obviously hard for every single person that has been through it! It does seem pathetically amplified to me, I know I shouldn't be as worried about it as I am but I can't help...
There's also RM Williams to be considered, now $173 at http://www.bootsonline.com.au/default1.htm ...sounds like and ad, doesn't it.
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T ok then. so do you watch womens sport? Most often, I switch the channel. It's not alluring to me. But, yes, as long as I don't have to deal with 'apologetic' or similarly condescending delivery, I'll watch tennis, soccer, and college basketball (during a tournament and later rounds). Anyone want to make a comparison between the last World Cup's women's and men's teams? It wasn't so much about victory, as it was...
A sport is a sport, unless it's promoted or broadcasted in a way that diminishes or falsely elevates skills, which, in case, it becomes something else. Go "Lady" Terps!
The lawn does have a patchy, brownish hue, but it's not Trad, which explains a lot, doesn't it. And that's not the only observable problem here. No white, pickett fence? How can the old man expect to peacefully live the American Dream, free from being "harassed by [the now-dead freshman] and [the now-dead freshman's] parents", without the iconic, white, pickett fence?
Quote: Originally Posted by topcatny Had another couple come out for the night. Put the kids to bed and we had a fantastic dinner and managed to get stinking drunk! We had 7 bottles of wine between the 4 of us plus a pre-dinner cocktail. We all had a great time and fortunately didn't feel too bad in the morning. I was even asked to be the godfather for my friends son, which I gladly agreed to. hopefully, not everyone was "stinking drunk",...
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