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FWIW, Herring shipping charges: UK & Republic of Ireland \t £6.95 per pair EUROPE \t £15 per pair Outside EU e.g. USA, Canada, Australia & Japan \t £23 per pair
Yes, burn more calories than consumed. Consume more of your day's calories in the early part of your day. The running you are doing is great. Swimming is great, too. Think cardio activities. However, all of this means nothing if the output is keeping your body in check, while toning or perhaps slightly building muscle, because perhaps your calorie intake increases. So, you need to be aware of what you are eating, when you are eating, how you are burning calories, and what...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ahaz Well, 'true waist' measurements have gotten me into trouble before. Like when I started putting on a little fat, but still thought I was a 30 (I've since lost the weight). I just measure my waist about where I think I wear my jeans, and go with that. Unless the jeans are really low rise, I wear them about the same place on my body. If you wanted to be more accurate, you certainly could do what you suggested in your...
Back to Basics Q: Could someone clarify the "true waist" measurement. I mean, would this not change depending upon how high or low the jeans are worn? Similarly, there is the typical drop between dress pants' and jeans' sizes, in large part due to where dress pants are typically worn, in comparison to where jeans are typically worn. You have the rise to consider, too, and some jeans, as you know, are designed to be worn relatively lower or higher than other jeans. So,...
Quote: Originally Posted by styleForum Welcome, freakseam. You last visited: January 1st, 1970 at 12:00 AM Happy New Year everybody!
Potential? "The story goes something like this: During the seventh-inning stretch, four Brewers employees dressed as an oversized bratwurst, a hot dog and Italian and Polish sausages were racing past the Pirates' dugout as part of a traditional "sausage race" created to entertain fans. As they ran by, Simon swatted the Italian sausage (Block), who fell to the ground. The hot dog mascot then stumbled over the sausage and also tumbled to the floor. Fortunately, the two...
Hello Gents: Would someone point me to the thread containing users favorite links/bookmarks? I've attempted searches to no avail. Thanks
and to you.
it's really a preppy look. some people can carry it off. towards that end, it has to do with color choices (pattern, details) and thickness. usually, though, it appears, as someone pointed out earlier, 'stuffy'. the mock (like 1/2 height of a 'true' turtleneck) works much better, imho.
thank you marc39 and sevcom. i bought the harrison as well. i agree, the cut is generous; would love to hear input on alteration possibilities...i'm kinda debating doing an exchange...thing is, i'm trying it with various shirts and can't decide...hate when that happens sevcom, what size crewneck shirt do you typically wear and what size cardigan did you buy?
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