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Cancer Ward, Solzhenitsyn Journey of Man, Spencer Wells
It's not scary. It's laughable at parts. But it's also a promotional thing for an award, right? That has to figure in. He's speaking to a certain audience. To me, he comes across as trying to sound thoughtful and, not unpredictably, that he's using whatever acting skills he has to this end, presenting himself as ultra-together. It's kind of cheesy, isn't it? There's more style here than substance. I agree with the term paper scenario. For the moment ignoring the...
I heard this morning that Irsay had met with Dungy earlier this week to dissuade retirement. I'm curious whether or not something similar occurred last season.
I hear ya. I see why it can be considered worse on Rivers' part. But, equivocation of money and fame to a behavioral standards requirement devalues the standards, especially when the average fan isn't expected to be held to the same or effectively gets a wink-and-nod free pass.
Thanks, kwilkinson. I didn't see Rivers' end-of-game going to the edge of the stands to start/finish some business. It's fine to "turn the other cheek", but I'd probably need to know more about what was actually said to gauge whether Rivers' "fuck off" was warranted. "Booing" at an opponent's stadium is a sign he's made an impact, sure. Or, rather, it can be. But it is not necessarily true. This game, in the here and now, Rivers was on the sideline, after all. While...
I didn't notice Rivers in a "fight." I saw Rivers walking to the locker room. The only audio I heard was, "I appreciate that." Rivers appeared to be smiling throughout the exchange. However, at this time, the outcome of the game was anything but certain. So, I don't believe that particular instance could be counted as cockiness or rubbing it in. Where was the fight I obviously missed?
When I had mine out, since at least one was severely out of position, I was put under. Things went smoothly. Surprisingly so. Upon waking up, I was coherent and in no pain. Good to go. Docs and nurse were a bit surprised. Anyway, I didn't take any pain meds, but followed directions with the salt rinse and not talking. Days passed. I believe it was day 2 where there was some blood spurt overnight, but that was about it. So, things seemed great, and they were. But...
It does seem to be conventional wisdom () to have them out with a view to future potential problems, even though all is presently OK. Who knows which of us could or would have gone on with no problems. If $$ is a concern, you might consider contacting dental schools or perhaps medical centers for leads on residents or interns or students in their final year who may be part of a public service/reduced rate/training, practice program.
You might consider putting a towel (or something similarly functional) over the pillow when you sleep, in case some blood, uh, spurts.
various clothes (dress trousers and shirts, casual shirts and jackets) and shoes, are there any places in the Maryland/DC area where one could walk in, get a price quote, then decide to sell or give away? Aside from eBay or neighborhood sales, what are the selling options for used clothes, etc.? Thanks for any input.
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