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Just to clarify, my saying "I had a good upbringing", in context, is not a reflection of some idea that would suppose that a less-than-good upbringing presupposes any less ideal of conscience.
I am not a parent. I will not be a parent anytime soon. This is by choice and conscience. I had a good upbringing. What makes a good parent?
Quote: Originally Posted by Arethusa It was a joke? You know, a play on "please keep doing" and the recent ubiquity of drug use threads? I hope girls keep having more of a sense of humor. Ah, cool. My mistake. Sorry. Yes, girls with a sense of humor don't need the heels. Peace.
Quote: Originally Posted by Impulse155 thanks guys, youve all been a great help, freakseem, n e way you can find %fat for a soccer player(that would be me) or swimmer thx also, how can i figure out my % body fat? thtx guys, love you :P I wrote this a while ago and delayed posting, but now figure, whatever... It's long. I'm open to criticisms, etc. It's really just a train of thought. Everybody's different. OK, I've done some more...
Sweet rides posted. All I want is a cruiser, probably a Harley, maybe a chopper. I don't really care about speed or the highway, etc., I just want a super-chill cruiser for the countryside.
Dear girls, please keep doing... summer dresses.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arethusa Dear girls, please keep doing... marijuana. coke. mescaline. This thread is creeping me out. I'm sorry, I have to ask: What exactly was posting links to some drug usage polls supposed to prove? This kind of reply creeps me out because it typically gets accepted as "valid" in some bizarre sense, whereas it is, in fact, a very faulty misappropriation.
Umm, Team USA, it's time to get moving, you know, being down 2-1 to Team Mexico in the 8th inning, in a game USA has to win in order to advance. Wake up! If it ends up a 2-1 loss, Japan goes to the next round. edit: and down they go, 1-2-3, which makes it 11 straight retired by Mexico. edit II: It's all up to Griffey, Chipper, and Arod. Griffey being tough at the plate! Err, until Del La Rosa Ks him... Yeah, Chipper Jones draws a walk. Ayala coming in for Mexico....
tiger02, you're correct. The 4-8% is on the elite end of things. I did some googling and found this, which illustrates the wide spectrum of athletic body fat %: Quote: The average man has 15 to 17% body fat, while the average woman is between 18 and 22%. Typical scores for elite athletes are 6% to 12% for men and 12% to 20% for women. The following table details the percentage body fat for male and female athletes for a variety of...
Quote: Originally Posted by scnupe7 More important than excercise and eating is your genes. None of this will work if you don't have the genes for a six pack. It is true that certain body types are naturally more geared towards muscle development than other body types. Metabolism is another unique factor. Those are either benefits or challenges and are just aspects of there being various body types. Not everyone can -naturally- pack on muscle...
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