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From Sept. 3, so it undoubtedly has been previously posted. Sen. MIKE GRAVEL: Sarah Palin's Clean Slate As to the YouTube clip, it does seem weighted on both sides of the 'conversation'. More for the mill.
Uppity puppies
Puppies frolic Quote: COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (CNN)-Republicans kicked off a McCain/Palin rally in Colorado Springs with veterans handing out American flags they say were discarded after the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Tom Kise -a spokesman for the McCain campaign in Colorado said a worker at Invesco field who wants to remain anonymous dropped off the flags to the McCain campaign this past week. He says there were 84 bags that amounted to roughly...
This thread needs some puppies, but not just any puppies. Imprisoned puppies! To complete the cycle, someone might consider adding a following "FTW!"
Does Religion Make You a Better Person? It can and it might not. There are examples on both sides. Sorry, this cannot be answered without nuance. Is it not so much one's religion, but one's faith? Or, lack thereof. Religion is not faith. Religion typically reflects a faith. What enables the reflection is behavior. Is faith then behavior? Or behavior in action? Religion itself does not make one a better person or a worse person.
Hilarious stuff. But isn't this type of parry dismissible on the request of both Clinton and Palin? Look it up. Sexism? It's not part of the dialogue. The field is open.
Raise the rhetoric to the level of absurdity. Cynical? Maybe. Functional? Probably. Distracting? Definitely. Successful? Remains to be seen.
Worth a watch, so nothing gets lost in translation.
Augusto86, that clip is hilarious. Thanks for posting the link.
Perhaps this show will get picked up?
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