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Quote: indepth article with Kevin Federline which suitably illustrates today's vocabulary word: oxymoronic
Just quick but filling snacks: 1-2 tablespoons peanut butter 1 or 2 hard-boiled eggs blueberries banana
Quote: That's the great thing about eating food as compared with nutrients: you don't need to fathom a carrot's complexity to reap its benefits. Nice read. Thanks.
The girl in the photo posted above has not overworked her obliques.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dmax HV Karajan's first Beethoven Symphony cycle recorded in the 1960's with Berlin Philarmonic is considered his best and least controversial. +1
A Brief Handbook of English (Hulon Willis & Enno Klammer) may fit the bill.
Specter is characterizing Gonzales' testimony as evasive and perhaps hostile (interdiction), suggesting at the same time that Gonzales is undermining his testimony (treading on) - or purpose, presuming that purpose is how Specter frames it (an interdiction). The common sense comment is more clear as to purpose. BTW, note that before Gonzales replies "Um", he laughs. Lots of possibilities for why he laughed then. I'd guess it was more to do with recognition of an awkward...
It's not specific to Law studies, but The Chicago Manual Of Style is a standard reference.
Quote: Originally Posted by metkirk My mind's scattered. Part of me wants to make her feel guilty by doing what I don't really know, part of me wants to forget it, part of me wants to wish her happiness, part of me wants to do this, do that... Which one will take over? FWIW, some ramblings: The one you choose or allow to "take over." Wanting to make her feel guilty is understandable. However, she may feel guilty now. After all, she...
Quote: Originally Posted by metkirk Jsus, why am I typing all this. I demand respect in a relationship, yes I demand it a lot. I remember I've told her a zillion times to never lie about things like that again. But wtf... Might just be empty words, if you don't back it up with holding yourself to what you demand, ask for, ... One should not have to demand -or whatever the word is- respect in a relationship. There is a type of respect that...
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