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Someone should now post an Anne Hathaway pic in order to return a semblance of propriety to this thread.
FT makes no bones about it.
With a more full reading in and of context, and getting beyond reductionist framing, the comments are easily understandable.
It's a crapshoot move. Results will elevate it in some minds to "brilliant" or "cynical" or both and probably many things in between and off to the sides. McCain is not the sole player in resolving the problem. Obama is not trapped or isolated by virtue of McCain's call to suspend, etc. Hyper Puppy
Black & White Puppy
Puppy With Tin Foil Hat
Contextually Micromanaged Puppies
Quote: Originally Posted by repressedm http://www.hasthelhcdestroyedtheearth.com/ Bookmarked. Great reference site.
Myopic puppy
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