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it's fantastic.
It's Miley! I got through about 11 seconds and decided to just take your word for it. Then again, I've never made it through one of the Jonas Brothers' "songs." Is that auto-tune going on from the first words...(I'm not going say "sung")? Ah, screw it, she should run for Congress!
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Quote: $20 tickets for a bash with a suggested dress code of skinny ties, denim suits and bell-bottom pants -- all part of his trademark style. Maybe it's a good thing he's still eligible to collect his pension. Need to upgrade the wardrobe.
A clown. He may have fans, ratings, and his info-incite-tainment job. Which is to say, he is where he is and he's good at it. But even before the end of the day -yet certainly when all is said and done- he is a stupid man. Again, he has his fans, ratings, and job. Presumably he is happy, etc. That's great. But that's not why he is stupid. His is a game and what he brings is intellectually dishonest garbage, the juvenile type of thing that attracts those who need no...
Quote: Originally Posted by Irond Will It seems like when I've seen the PM address parliament (which is an awesome thing that I wish our country had) there was a lot of harrumphing and cheering and hissing and such. Anyways yeah the clapping is tedious. It is kind of fun to see one half the room going crazy with cheers and the other half glumly sitting on their hands though. Ah, but not all sit on their hands. Some are all a-twitter and have...
Increasingly, she comes across as an embittered kindergarten teacher.
Raising the FDIC to 200K-250K should have been done years ago. It's function is a lure here.
Admittedly, I only logged 5 seconds or so. Still, I'm assured that I didn't need to see this.
Quote: Originally Posted by csgrad The fun starts when everyone thinks of this. shhh.
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