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Whoa! $100 is pretty steep for a worn out pair of APC's!! I bought NC's for $70 1 soak no washes and were still very raw.
APCs finally.
They do clean them, heres proof. but honestly wouldnt buy them, i rather keep mine and say "yeah i worked on these" yyeeaahhh mann!!
know any sites where they sell uniqlos?
Anyone selling WGs in 30? Chino or indigo? LMK!
Can you give us a link on that?
NICE NICE! thinking about doing this now, have they been washed or soaked before the seawater?15 months would be a long time without wash or a soak.
I actually sized down 1. Im a size 30 and mine are 29.I havent done a wash or soak going for at least a year on these.
APC NS 6 months
wow, $80 is a bit too much speaking that these have been worn a lot and already has fades.
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